2D vs. 3D Shapes! Mr. B's Brain - Ep. 2: 2D and 3D Shapes

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oh hey kids

it's mr. B and banjo Bob hurry kids and

today we're gonna learn about shapes you

know there's so many different kinds of


there's 2d shapes and there's 3d shapes

but mr. B how do you tell the difference

between a 2d shape and a 3d shape

that's a great question Bob 2d means two

dimensional can you try saying that

two-dimensional two-dimensional very

good Bob thank you two dimensional means

the shape goes two ways take a look at

the square it goes two ways it goes side

to side and it goes up and down one way

two ways this shape is two-dimensional


now a 3d shape goes three ways it also

goes side to side it goes down and up

and it also goes from back to front back

to front did you catch that Bob yeah a