What is 2020 vision? (It's not what you think)

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so having 20/20 vision sounds like an achievement excellence perfection

clarity but it really doesn't mean any of those things in fact it's one of the

most easily confused and misunderstood aspects of all of eye and vision care

and in this video I'm gonna be explaining 20/20 vision and what it

really means let's take a look hello and welcome this is dr. Allen here from the

doctor I health show helped me learn all about the eyes and vision and I'm really

excited today to talk to you about 20/20 vision and what that actually means now

the last time you went in to have your eye exam a vision check of vision

screening a doctor a nurse or an ophthalmic technician likely started off

testing your vision by you looking at a board or some sort of a chart on the

wall about 20 feet away asking you to read as far down as you possibly could

and that chart was likely a Snellen chart and the Snellen chart was

originally developed in 1862 by an ophthalmologist named Herman Snellen now

it's certainly not the only chart that's out there it's maybe the most common but

we have a lot of different vision charts out there we have the ETDRS chart we

use for scientific studies we've got cool shapes and different symbols that

we use for little children and we even have something like the tumbling II

which you've ever seen this it's for people who can't otherwise tell us what

letters they're seeing or maybe they just can't read at all maybe they just

don't know the alphabet but instead they can just hold up their fingers and tell

us which way the e is pointing is that left is it right is it going up is it