Place Value First Grade - Tens and Ones

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hello kids and welcome to the place

value house today we are talking about

ones and tens I have here at place value

house that has spots for ones tens and

hundreds we will only be talking about

the ones and tens today here we have the

tens and ones places there are rules in

this house that have to be followed and

one of the rules is that you can only

have one digit in each room a digit is

any number from 0 to 9 let me show you

what I mean

here is the number two and this is one

digit because there is just one number

let's look at another number

this is the number 20 can you tell me if

this number has more than one digit

yes the number 20 has two digits because

the two is a digit and the zero is a


uh-oh we cannot put both numbers in the