Everything You Need To Know About Fraternal and Identical Twins | Dr. Sarah Finch

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oh hello hey I'm just finishing up some

work here but I'm so excited you're here

today we get to talk about something

that's near and dear to my heart which

is genetic I'm so excited that you're

here with me today we're going to talk

about genetics but specifically about

twins and twins are really fascinating

and most people are fascinated and want

to talk to parents of twins about their

twins so they approach them with

sometimes very interesting questions but

sometimes ill-informed questions so my

goal is to educate you so the next time

you talk to a parent of twins you can

impress them with your knowledge so

we're going to talk about the difference

between identical and fraternal twins

and with identical twins they're called

monozygotic so monozygotic mono meaning

one means that one zygote is formed with