A Complete Guide to Your Newborn's First Month - What to Expect

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- Congratulations, at last the long wait is over.

Your baby, the little one you've eagerly been expecting

for nine months, give or take, is finally here.

As you hold this tiny, warm, sweet smelling bundle

in your arms for the very first time,

you're probably already in love.

But you're also probably wondering

what to expect from your newborn.

Your baby's development will be a work in progress,

but she'll be making progress surprisingly quickly

in the month ahead, in fact, she'll probably have

some serious skills right from day one,

like being able to lift her head briefly when on her tummy.

Remember, tummy time should always be supervised time,

and it's so much more fun on your tummy or chest.

How about some face time?

Your baby will love focusing on your face

as much as you love gazing at hers.

The sound of your voice will be both familiar,

your little one has heard it for months now,