Energizing (flashing) your generator with a car battery

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all right so I've got this troy-bilt

generator I bought it about eight years

ago I try and take it out about every

six months and run it however I was just

testing it out and I realized that it

runs just fine except the generator does

not produce any electricity I took apart

the actual generator cap there to take a

look and see what's going on didn't see

anything too bad and I read some stuff

online about flashing your generator so

essentially the magnets in here kind of

lose their charge they're not excited

enough to get started I don't completely

understand it but I understand magnetic

fields electricity stuff like that but

not enough magnetism in order to get

this part movie now the engine works

fine and yes I did check the breakers

and all that kind of stuff so the

strategy is to take a corded drill plug