How to Excite the One Wire - Self Exciting Alternator.

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alternate your man here I want to talk

to you about exciting self exciting

alternators now that may sound funny to

you if you know anything about it

because self exciting alternators mean

that they start themselves up in other

words all you have to do is hook up your

battery we're either here here or here

and that's all there's no ignition wire

to the alternator all to activate it and

it just when it starts spinning it it's

excites itself I don't know how that

does that this is the innards of a

tennis I out here all bolted together

you have your stator and you have your

rotor and both your stator and rotor our

electromagnets the rotor gets us power

through the brushes and the brush holder

and the stator gets us power through the

battery post on the back of the

alternator it has diodes in it diodes