Workbench Wednesday. Delco 3 wire alternator.

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hey everybody third star hacker back

again and it's workbench Wednesday today

I picked up a del Caribe three wire

alternator that I got out of my buddy's

garage we're fairly certain that it

worked when pulled but main reason I got

it is because it has the older v-belt

drive on the front here which I can just

wrap that belt from the lawnmower that

goes up to the self-propelled part up to

this and get it running I have some

ideas for adapters that I've kind of

mocked up here and I'm probably going to

drill a hole into the motor deck of the

lawnmower and then get my rotary tool

out and cut a notch out of it right


that way they'll have a strong one here

two strong bolt here to pivot on and

then a slot so it can move back and

forth and attention the belt and then I