How to connect 2 wire Delco 10si and CS130 alternators using charge connector plugs

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I'm going to show you the difference

between installing a 10 si Albarn ater

63 amp alternator and a CS 135

alternator and I'm going to show you how

to install the the two different plugs

that you'll need for the Excite wire and

these are these are called

2 or 3 wire connection so the first

thing you want to do is locate the

connector that goes in the back and it's

got a couple Spade connectors in there

and these just simply plug into the back

and then there's a sense wire that

connects to the back of the alternator

here and this this wire again is known

as the Excite wire and this takes 12

volts into the alternator and this

little lump here is actually a diode so

it's a one-way electrical check check

valve if you will that allows the

voltage only to go into the alternator