iPhone X Upgrade: How to Return Your Old Phone

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yo what's up a lot of people have been

asking me about the upgrade program for

the iPhone X and like how do you return

it with my experience has been very very

smooth Apple does everything for you so

the day it shipped I got my iPhone X

which I'm actually shooting on right now

this return label and kit has everything

you need to return whatever you have and

this is my iPhone 7s plus that I'm going

to be returning so I don't have double

payments so let's jump into it first you

want to do is pull back this tab and

take off the original shipping label

right here is the return label it's real

simple for you don't have to print

anything out so let's open this up

I see the content of the kit so here we

have a Apple QuickStart guide on how to

return your iPhone 7s plus or whatever

phone you're returning so you open it up

and there's like basically three things

you want to make sure that the serial

number matches the serial number on the

return label so let's show you how to

find the serial number in your iPhone

let's jump to into settings let's tap on

general and about and let's scroll down

to serial number right there so this

serial number right here actually

matches the serial number right here on

the label that's what I'm shipping back

in let's see I've already backed this up

and been working on my iPhone X for a

while so that's the next step then the

next step is the back of that back it up

back it up back it up and the other step

is pack it up pack it up pack it up pack

it up

so in this QuickStart guide they

actually have a sim extractor if you

want to call it it's really easy to take

out your SIM card you just poke it in

this hole on the side of your phone

right here SIM card pops out and dump

the SIM card and simply plug back in the

sim crate the next thing you want to do

is go into settings and jump to accounts

and passwords iCloud account and sign

out of your iCloud account so nothing is

linked to your iCloud account anymore

delete from your iPhone and confirm the

delete you got to put in your password

obviously to be secure and double-check

that this is what you want to do and

confirm the turnoff and he'll sign you


let's wait for that okay

so now that I'm signed out of there

let's go back to settings let's see here

go to general go to reset and erase all

content and settings you've got to put

in your password your code to confirm it

once it's confirmed

you're gonna erase iPhone and all the

contents once you erase it you can put

it down for a little bit and speed

through this and there you go

it's reset so now this is pretty much a

brand new phone that you're ready to

turn in that none of your information is

on so you're good to go

it's time to ship this guy let's turn

them off let's hold the down press the

power button for five seconds or however

long it is slide to power off and we're

good to go it's going to open this box

right here this nice little box right

here everything is really well thought

out and everything is provided for you

so you don't really have to do anything

but pack it up put it in here nice and

neat seal it all up protect your pad

into the box everything's good there we


place it in slit shut it alright so the

cool part is that they actually sent

tape for you to and I'm ready to drop

this off at FedEx this is FedEx or

wherever you're supposed to drop it off

but it does specifically tell you to

make sure you get a receipt or proof of

drop-off because Apple is not liable if

you just drop it in a box or whatnot so

I highly recommend you just get a

receipt a drop-off receipt those are the

only contents you're gonna leave in the

box don't leave any accessories that

came with the original iPhone or even

the simple so you could keep that yeah

that's it that's how easy it is to ship

back the Apple upgrade program so I'm

not charged for double

I really hope this helps you guys out