How to Convert Cash into Bitcoin

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hey g'day folks its Dee here that

passive income coach just a very short

and quick video here on how to transfer

your money from your currency into

Bitcoin first step in enormously

utilizing our trading platform is to

convert our charity in the Bitcoin so a

couple of days ago I made a electronic

transfer from my bank account into my

Bitcoin wallet because I coin jar and

you can see here that I made a 100

dollar transaction so I've had 100

dollars deposited what I now need to do

is convert that into Bitcoin so I can

utilize that as a Bitcoin transaction so

the way we do that very very simple we

select payments in the coin jar

application we're basically going to

transfer it we're going to transfer from

our Australian currency or whatever your

current is into Bitcoin okay it's fairly

straightforward and I just simply want

to transfer that whole amount so I'm

going to transfer the whole $100 okay

and you can see here I'm going to get

approximately point 0 3 1 9 of a Bitcoin

less any fee so we'll just review and

confirm that you can see there it's

going to happen we've got some points

that we we need to you'd like to make

that transaction happen which I've

already got the point there and let's

pay now and done and you can see

straight away it's already converted it

from my currency into Bitcoin so now

have a point zero three of the Bitcoin

okay and I've utilized a couple points

to do it that's how easy it is to

convert your money so I've moved my

money into my account my wallet and now

converted from the wallet into Bitcoin

instantaneously and now I can use that

Bitcoin to now buy packages and send

that over to the US I check decide oh

you mean income and that will be another