How To Get a UK Driving Licence | Living in England

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hi everyone and welcome to another

adventures in apps video this week I'm

just talking about how to get a UK

driver's license which is not exciting

but if it's something that you decide

you want to do it's important to know

what you're doing if you're like me you

live in a smaller town or village in

England you're deciding yeah how would

you want to drive understand the car

insurance is stupidly expensive for us

as international drivers even with a UK

driver's license you have only had it

for a couple weeks so you're considered

a brand new driver and it is really

expensive like twelve hundred pounds

expensive like stupid expensive so if

this is something that you want that's

awesome but just understand it's going

to cost a lot of money the UK government

website will have a multiple-choice quiz

to show if you are actually eligible to

do this exchange Coles Notes version

countries like Canada Australia that

sort of thing designated countries are

able to switch your home country license

for this new UK license including

countries in the EU obviously at the end

of the quiz it's going to say yes you

are eligible and yes you need to fill

out a d1 pack which is essentially just

an official driving form which you have

to order so once you order it from the

website for free it'll arrive at your

address about five days or so later the

tricky thing with this is you need to

have a permanent address so if you

should hopping from couch to couch

hostel to hostel this isn't going to

work you need to actually have a stable

place that you're going to be living at

because that address will actually end

up on your license while you're waiting

for your form to arrive I would suggest

going to a local mall or a high street

or wherever you're nearby because you

will need to get a professional driving

license photo take

I think mine costs maybe seven or six

pounds and I got eight copies so if you

ever need to use it for a passport

application or any other official

documentation you'll have eight copies

of your face so when you get your

official photos done and you receive

your form you have to actually stick on

one of the pictures to the form and that

will be your new face on your British

license when you get the form back it

looks like any other official form it's

really confusing and it's overwhelming

and it's very specific like you have to

write in a certain colored pen and it

has to be all capitalized letters and

all that sort of stuff so Reaktor really

carefully complete it very carefully and

if you have a friend or someone who can

read it over for you to make sure that

you've understood it I would definitely

suggest it there are a couple of parts

on the form that can be tricky

personally I screwed up when I did my

first form there's a section about

eyesight so technically legally I do not

meet the minimum eyesight requirement to

drive without glasses the form asks you

if you reach the legal minimum distance

for eyesight it doesn't say anything

about glasses so I was kind of going

back and forth I put no I don't meet the

minimum figuring that they would see

that I have to wear glasses and it would

be all okay no I screwed up and I had to

redo it so it's like myself you have to

wear glasses when you drive you would

hit yes you do reach the minimum

eyesight you are not blind you can see

another tricky part with the form is you

have to send a money and be personal ID

the tricky thing with paying the forty

three pound fee is you either have to

send a check or a postal order now I'm

assuming you probably don't have a

checkbook because you just arrived here

and you've just got your bank set up so

postal owner is probably the easiest

thing to do you send it literally

through the post office but understand

that you have to spend a couple extra

pounds to do that which is annoying but

you know it works the other issues you

have to send hardcopy IDs so they're

going to ask a for your original

driver's license and some form of

identification of yourself in the UK so

either your passport or your biometrics

residents permit card if you actually

got the card and not the sticker in your

passport whichever you decide to send

make sure you take photocopies of your

original document before you send it off

in the mail just in case for me I sent

my driver's license and I set my

biometrics permit card because I figured

it'll be easier to replace the card if

something happened to it than my entire

Canadian passport however I took those

photocopies so photocopying my driver's

license and the card and I've saved them

on my computer just in case either gets

lost and you need to replace them or if

you're still looking for a job your job

can require that they see your

biometrics permit card identification

thingy so at least if you have a

photocopy you can just explain the

situation and they can take the

photocopy version instead of the hard


there's also another tricky bit about

this whole process a lot of people think

that you can't apply for this exchange

until you've lived in the country for

like six months because of some wording

on the quiz online talks that you have

to be a resident in the country at a set

address for so many days so I thought

okay I have to wait that many days and

then I can go for this but it actually

doesn't seem to be the case I called

somebody at the driving department and

they said to just go for it

I have proof that I'm going to be here

for set amount of years because of my

working permit so the government can see

that yes I am a permanent resident I'm

not just here for vacation and I want to

get a UK

hours license so you shouldn't have to

actually wait the six months to get it

you could if you want drive on your

Canadian license for up to a year

actually living in the country after

year you will have to switch or you have

to stop driving so it's up to you

understand that you won't hear back or

you won't see anything for at least a

couple of weeks depending on the time of

year and how busy they are I think my

whole process took maybe two and a half

weeks if not more to get my actual

driver's license back so if you decide

that yeah this is what you need to do I

would suggest doing it once you get a

permanent residence get that form off

and then you don't have to wait as long

especially if you have to drive for work

you want to get it done as soon as

possible so once you have all your

documents you got your driving license

photo you get your postal order you have

everything photocopied and everything

signed you put it in an envelope the

driving agency will actually send you

one put it all in together send it off

then you wait you wait a little bit more

then once you get it back you are ready

to go your license will be inside and

that's all you have to do good luck