How to refund Udemy course

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hi guys in this tutorial I am going to

show you how you can define the airport

from you doing if you are not satisfied

with udemy course you may ask for a

refund at for within 30 days of vs. of

the courses so to refine the courses

does to go to my courses here you can

find your courses just click over here

and copy the forces control ste and go

to here empire I can end portal request

a refund

I select I'm a student or instructor I

am screwed in defending fools or

anything else 300 codes and for these

you can't one post continuing the

contact form depend on ankle and the

course URL that we have a pocket for

description here you can write anything

let's complete the description as per

unit and they you can also attach a file

to submit a boom your requester has been