Where Can I Cash a Travelers Check?

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well hi this is chase Swift and you may

have been searching for where can I cash

a traveler's check first of all a bank

may give you cash in exchange for a

traveler's check traveler's checks from

American Express thomascook Bank of

America Citibank are the most popular

although there are more you can either

cash or traveler's checks at a bank or

you can use them in stores hotels and

restaurants when you want to use a

traveler's check you may need to show a

photo ID you may also need to show the

proof of purchase at the time of using

it now when you cash the checks you

should keep track of their numbers that

way if you lose the remaining checks you

won't know which ones were left when you

cash a check you should sign in the

designated place exactly the same way

you sign the check when purchasing it

the payee who's receiving it should

match the two signatures before he or

she accepts the check if the payee has

any doubt about the authenticity of the

check he or she can contact the issuer

if your traveler's checks are lost or

stolen you can contact the worldwide

refund service Network American Express

Visa or MasterCard wherever you bottom

they have services available 24/7 and

365 days a year

you must have proof of purchase and the

check numbers ready when you contact

them you should also contact your local

police within 24 hours if your

traveler's checks are lost or stolen you

should be ready to give the full details

about you your identity the information

about the traveler's checks the

circumstances and the value of your

traveler's checks thanks for watching

this video and I hope this helped you

understand where can I cash a traveler's

check bye for now