How to List and Sell Your Tickets on Ticketmaster

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hello everyone and welcome back in this

video I am going to show you how to sell

your tickets on Ticketmaster most of our

tickets will be purchased on

Ticketmaster but you can also sell your

tickets here so on Ticketmaster

let's look at Barry Manilow as an

example so on top I'm just going to type

in Barry Manilow


and let's look at tickets now you can

see that all of these tickets here say

verified resale ticket verified resale

ticket we can scroll down


verified resale ticket until you come to

this ticket here which says standard

admission and the one under it which

says Platinum ticket those are actually

being sold by Ticketmaster all of the

others that say verified resale ticket

that means that the ticket is being sold

by a person who has bought this ticket

and is now reselling it and generally at

a very good profit

so listing your ticket on Ticketmaster

is very easy let's click on Ticketmaster

to go back to the home page


and on top

click on your account from the drop down

menu and I already have Barry Manilow

tickets and to sell them just click on

my tickets

and here you see view tickets and just

to the right of that you see a button

that says sell so let's click on that

button and this takes about one minute

and now click on select for each of the

tickets that you are selling


next you want to enter the price that

you want to get paid per ticket so I'm

going to enter 449 per ticket


just click on next

and here it shows your payout per ticket

and it shows the total that you will


it also shows the price your tickets

will be listed for including the service

be that Ticketmaster ads and then here

just click on list tickets it could take

a minute or two but your tickets are now

listed it's that easy

there are some advantages and

disadvantages when using Ticketmaster

compared to StubHub the advantage is

that you get much more exposure with

Ticketmaster this is where the tickets

originally go on sale so everyone looks

here first many artists have a button on

their websites to buy tickets and it

sends their fans directly to

Ticketmaster so Ticketmaster gets a

tremendous amount of traffic the

disadvantage is that the fees are higher

than StubHub Ticketmaster is great if

you need to sell your tickets very

quickly it's best to check the listings

on both StubHub & Ticketmaster and then

you can decide the best place to list

your tickets thanks for watching and if

you want to make a full time income just

buying tickets and reselling them just

click on the link below