PokerStars Tips and Tricks

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hello everyone how's it going and

welcome back to the poke cycles Channel

today I'm bringing you something a

little bit different a very common

question I get on my Twitter stream is

how do you do this on PokerStars or how

do you do that on PokerStars so today I

wanted to outline four tips and tricks

that you can use to customize your

experience playing on PokerStars make it

a little bit easier make it more suited

to you so don't further adieu let's

check it out the first tip I'm going to

show you today is this is the PokerStars

lobby I am on a desktop here so I'm

gonna go to settings which you can click

right here in the sidebar settings and

you're gonna come up with this big list

right with a bunch of different options

so the first thing I'm gonna show you is

go to Lobby tournament colors so what

you do here is you can change the

different colors of different

tournaments in the lobby so let's say

like there's there's women's events and

you're a man well you don't really need

to see the women's events right because

they're not for you so you can change it

and this actually isn't something that I

have done on this computer yet so I can

click this button right like okay

women's events yeah I don't really care

so much personally so I'm gonna just

change them to bite here and change it

to white apply changes boom now I'm not

even gonna see the tournament title in

the lobby or if you want something to

stand out you can change that you can

take the play money out you can

highlight the free roles so you can see

when those are what you know whatever

whatever suits you so that's the first

thing that you can do tournament colors

tip number one tip number two you go to

a game play and then bet slider options

right here now this is a big one people

always ask me how do you customize your

buttons that you that show up you're

near the bet slider and it's in this

option here so first I have a just bet

size with the small blind so what that

means is let's say it's 50 100 of their

blinds and you know you could raise it

to 200 you can call for 100 you can fold

right if I click on the right hand side

of the bar that'll change it to 250 so

half a big blind and then I click again

at 300 350 400 450 500 right so

like doing it by the small blind makes

it easy to sort of click and customize

you can turn it on where it'll actually

jump to where that represents in the bar

I like just clicking and having an

increase by a small blind so that's the

first thing I do and then down here in

the bet slider shortcut buttons I have a

couple sizes that have Shuzhen chosen

for what I want to raise preflop and

then post flop what's sort of sizing I

want to bet just to make it easier as

I'm playing multiple tables so you have

some options here you can choose the min

which is I mean kind of pointless

because it automatically comes up with

the minimum raise but it's true you can

choose the big blind amount you choose

the pot or you can choose shove right

and this is my preflop options here so

preflop I have 2.09 just under to put

one like a very small raise 2.2 2.3 now

why don't I have two and a half times

because I had the small blind option

here again so I can just click the small

blind option that'll take me to 2.5 I

don't need a button I basically have

five buttons and then option 4 is a

little bit over 3x because again to get

this reacts just click twice that's it

so those are the size things I use for

preflop you guys can set that however

you would like if you want to use these

buttons and then post-flop I do a

percentage of pot so let's say there is

a thousand chips in the pot I have a 30%

option which is 300 chips 60% options

600 ships and then 80% 800 chips and a

chef a max which just is for all in

situations you can also change it to

half pot 2/3 plus 3/4 pot I like using

these slightly different sizings you

know 30% instead of 25% it's just like

it's harder for people to conceptualize

how much that actually means so I think

it's useful I switch these up every once

in a while just make small adjustments

here and there so that is tip number 2

bet slider under game play definitely

saves you a decent amount of time while

you're playing multiple tables and

PokerStars okay option number 3 is right

this is a very common one if you go to

game play in advanced or multi-tabling

excuse me game team game play and multi

you scroll down to the bottom there's

table theme customization and this is

huge so if you guys watch my stream

you'll know that I often when I'm in the

money I changed the felt color to red

and I do that by right-clicking on my

mouse and then changing the felt color

to red this isn't on by default where

you can only change one table usually

when you change the theme it changes

them on all the tables but if you turn

this on down here right click table to

customize and then apply changes to this

table only you could start to color code

like okay this one's and the money I'm

gonna use this background when it is a

turbo and I'm gonna use this background

when it's a knockout so that it's easier

as you play multiple tables sort of

visually represent that there's a

difference here right it may not make a

difference moment-to-moment but over a

year or two years of playing if you

continue to have that system you're just

gonna know that it's gonna be committed

to memory so I think it's a really good

idea to do this and to sort of change

the colors and make it easier for you to

know what tournament you're looking at

all right and now the final tips and

tricks is the tournament filters this is

the granddaddy of them all makes it so

much easier to navigate around the

PokerStars Lobby so right now I have

show upcoming only on which means only

tournaments that are having now or in

the future if you're looking to register

tournaments and you're new to the client

click this button you don't need to see

the ones that you can't register or

already finish it's not useful right so

show up coming only is the first thing

that I click now this button here

actually allows you to customize a

little bit more I'm gonna turn that off

right now so I'm gonna take that off

this is just an on-off button and I'm

going to turn off the filters now and

sort of will go through them because you

can take the stock PokerStars Lobby

which is this right these are the

tournaments coming up and let's take a

look for example and how many

tournaments there are at our at our

disposal there's so many available and

these are just no limit by the way cuz I

already have a filter on so you if

you're like me you want to make this a

little bit more manageable right I don't

care about this fifty five cent

tournament and if I do care about this

fifty five cent tournament I probably

don't care about the thousand dollar

tournament later

so let's customize it a little bit and

make it

simpler and I'm gonna give you guys

basically what my my situation is so

starting here you could choose the game

now there's a bunch of different games

here I primarily play No Limit Hold'em

tournaments every once in a while I'll

turn on pot limit Omaha as well right

here but usually it's just No Limit

tournaments for me on the street so

we're gonna start there and then let's

go buy-ins

what I have set for binds is $5.50 up to

the max I don't really want to see the

$1.00 in two Dalek tournaments because

usually there's gonna be a higher value

tournament that I can play you can

choose any of these that you want you

can choose free rolls micros Lowe's

mediums highs etc this is my this is my

choice I also turn on stars coin which

is the rewards points because you could

find some really good satellites so I do

5:45 and above which he hits the 550's

and stars coins satellites okay let's do

that the speed I have all the speeds on

I'm happy playing deep stacks regulars

turbos and hyper turbos but if you're a

deep stack player you can just turn on

the regular and slow and it'll show you

the really deep tournaments and if you

don't have as much time you want to play

something kind of fast well fire up a

hyper there you go so I'm gonna keep it

on all now let's go to type and this is

an interesting one basically you can

turn on all the events or you can be

like I don't want to see satellites so

let's take out satellites right or I

don't want to see the regional small

events I only want to play on the public

player pool and I don't really care

about private tournaments I just want to

play regular and feature tournaments so

you can adjust that as you want I'm just

gonna put it on all for now

and now this sort of advanced filter and

it really is quite good so I'm gonna

move this over so that we can see it I

just have it zoomed in so that you guys

can hopefully see so now you can change

the currency it doesn't really matter

you change the amount of players per

table so let's say you wanted to take

out a heads up which I actually commonly

do so I'm gonna change up this filter

now and let's go like this so now I have

no more head

Sep tournaments in my display variants

this is a big one you can turn on all

the variants as you can see I don't

really wants it and goes in my

tournament Lobby I'd go to the sit and

go lobby for that and I also don't want

replays of the previous events I like

when the button satellites reentry's

ends tax time tournaments time

tournaments actually sometimes I take

these out let's take it out just to

check it out

phase out etc but you can you could

filter there and moving this over a bit

more the state so I just show everything

here cuz if you click on the show

upcoming only it filters it out and then

start time it's the last thing I've

never really used this starting in the

next three out I mean it's pretty simple

to see but you know there you go ok and

the last thing I need to show you about

the filters before I wrap up today's

videos is this really interesting

feature that not a lot of people use

right so let's take a look through we

have Sunday storm here when I'm

recording this it's Monday afternoon

right the Sunday storm is next Sunday

I'm going to have three stars coins

satellites filtering my Lobby all the

way till next Sunday really I just want

the Sunday storm in my lobby I don't

care about the Stars going to satellites

so what I'm gonna do here is I'm going

to turn this on as you can see I have

some of these already in here and -

stars coin and now all of the stars

coins tournaments are gone but we want

the Stars coins right what we don't want

is storm satellites so - storm and there

we go it's back but the Stars coin

satellites are still in right so you can

do that for me if I know I'm not going

to a live event I can take out some of

the satellites there so let's find a

live event here in the lobby that I know

I'm not gonna be playing for example

VSOP right I can't go to the bsp this

year unfortunately so let's make a space

on this and go - BS o P and now the BSO

P qualifier is gone so there's a lot of

interesting things you can do here and

if you want to unfilter it again you

just click the green button

it is unfiltered and you can see the

Sunday storm satellite is back so those

are a couple tips and tricks hopefully

you guys find that useful a lot of you

guys a better full time grinders

obviously know this already but if

you're not a full time grinder hopefully

find that helpful and it's uh useful for

you give this video a thumbs up if you

found it useful I will see you guys

tomorrow for the next video until then

we'll see you later