How To Replace Install Sodastream Co2 Cylinder

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and today we're taking a look at how to

replace or install your co2 cartridge on

your SodaStream device


and this is so simple anyone could do in

this technique works for any SodaStream

device everything used on the video

we're gonna leave a link on the

description so you woke up today and try

to make yourself a ice cold beverage but

you notice it's not sparkling and when

you taste it is flat that means you need

to replace your SodaStream cartridge and

the first thing that we're gonna do

we're gonna flip the device around and

we're gonna go ahead and remove the

cover and now that we have access to the

old cartridge we are gonna start

twisting to the left and the general

rule of thumb is lefty loosey righty

tighty if your device does not have a