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so in this video I'll be showing you how to very easily swap cells in both

vertical columns and horizontal rows here we have listed names in details

including surname in column B first name in column C email address in D & Country

in E Say for example you want to swap first name from column C to B and

surname from column B to see you would need through the following first left

click on the mouse in the first set of column c hold and drag to highlight all

the data

hover over the box line until the full black arrows appear then hold down shift

on the keypad click and hold down the left mouse key and then drag the mouse

to the left until you can see the big vertical line appear

then you need to simply release the left mouse key and you see the two columns

immediately switch

equally if you're distraught the horizontal rows simply highlight the

cells you wish to swap hover over the box liner to you see the four black

arrows hold down shift click and hold down the left mouse button and drop it

down under the road that you wish to swap it with let go of the mouse and

there you go hope you find it useful please do like comment and subscribe and

feel free to drop me an email with any requests