Rothy's Sizing | Tips to Buy the Right Pair

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hey guys welcome back to my channel or

welcome if you're new today I have a

video specifically about Rafi's and

Rafi's sizing so the purpose of this

video is to help you if you are thinking

about buying Rafi's to help you buy the

right pair in the right size and not

have to return or exchange your shoes

unfortunately I learned this hard way I

had to return two separate pairs of

shoes from Rafi's because they were the

wrong size so hopefully this video will

be a quick little summary of how the

sizing kind of works with Rafi's that

they run large or small and hopefully

this will help you pick the right pair

if you're not familiar with Rafi's or

just looking for a more of a general

review video I have actually posted two

other videos about Rafi's one is just

kind of my general first review of the