Rothy's Sizing | Tips to Buy the Right Pair

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hey guys welcome back to my channel or

welcome if you're new today I have a

video specifically about Rafi's and

Rafi's sizing so the purpose of this

video is to help you if you are thinking

about buying Rafi's to help you buy the

right pair in the right size and not

have to return or exchange your shoes

unfortunately I learned this hard way I

had to return two separate pairs of

shoes from Rafi's because they were the

wrong size so hopefully this video will

be a quick little summary of how the

sizing kind of works with Rafi's that

they run large or small and hopefully

this will help you pick the right pair

if you're not familiar with Rafi's or

just looking for a more of a general

review video I have actually posted two

other videos about Rafi's one is just

kind of my general first review of the

product and then I have another review

which is kind of an update video where I

share how the shoes hold up over several

months of wear and a few additional pros

and cons if you've never tried Rafi's

long story short they are pretty much my

favorite shoes I highly recommend them

if you are interested in purchasing them

I do have a $20 off coupon code so it

would be totally awesome if you use that

actually $20 when you use it as well so

it's a win-win for both of us if you are

thinking about buying

Rafi's okay so if you are interested in

learning more about the sizing then just

keep watching

so let me get right into it the sizing

for Rafi's runs small they are very snug

shoes I have two pairs I have the

rounded toe this is my toe I have the

router to version and a pointed toe so I

can talk about the sizing for both both

of these run small so first let's talk

about the rounded toe so the rounded toe

was the first style of Rafi's that I

purchased my normal size is a size 9 I

wear size 9 and probably 75% of the

shoes that I wear so I originally

ordered the Rafi's in a 9 of course they

were too small I had to size up to a 9

and a half so what I would recommend I

think there's a few situations that you

should size up half the size if you are

thinking about buying Rafi's it's

specifically for the rabbit toe shoes so

number one if you are between sizes it

kind of go 5050 between sizes you're

definitely going to want to size up the

second scenario is if you are primarily

one size but occasionally size up then

you still probably are going to want to

size up that's kind of my scenario for

the Rabbitohs shoes so I would suggest

sizing up if you get the shoes and

they're too big you can always size down

or you can size up for that matter but I

would recommend going with a size up if

you are at all between sizes if you're

very solidly one size or unlike the

smaller end of a size maybe you can get

away with just going the full size but

just something to keep in mind if you're

between sizes now for the pointed toe so

I would say the pointed toe also runs

small when I initially ordered that

these this was my second pair of Rafi's

I ordered a nine and a half because I

thought nine and a half is my size I had

to return these again for at ten I would

say the point

to run at least a half size small of

course all business personal preference

you know if you like a snugger fitting

shoe then you know where whatever size

you want but for my experience I think

these run half the size to a full size

small for the pointy toe shoes I think

there are a few scenarios again that

you're going to want to size up number

one if you are between sizes size up if

you have a primary size but occasionally

size up

you should size up also specifically

with the pointed toe and also a certain

degree with the rounded toe if you

prefer kind of a more professional

appearance to the shoes and you you

don't want them to look as casual I

would suggest sizing up in that scenario

either half a size or potentially even a

full size the reason I say that is

because with these shoes they are a knit

material they are very flexible it's not

like a leather shoe where your feet

conform to the shoe these are really

conformed to your feet so if they're

very snug around your toes you are going

to see some like ridges around your toe

you're kind of kind of see not your

actual skin of your toe but you're going

to see it very tightly wrapped around

your toe and you're going to be able to

see the outline of your toes personally

in my opinion I think when you can see

that leg or so is it it makes the shoes

look a little bit more casual I don't

think there's anything wrong with that

but if you are looking for a little bit

more professional look where you can't

really see that I would recommend sizing

up specifically for the pointed toes

because they are very form-fitting to

your feets so if that is something that

you think would bother you I would size

up half the size at least but the other

things specifically to consider it with

the pointed toe if you are someone who

is not used to wearing pointy toe shoes

I would recommend sizing up in that


well Rafi's specifically says on their

website that many customers like to size

up in the pointed toe flats simply

because of the shape of the toe when you

get your toe in there it does feel more

constricted you can see just how like it

narrows at the top and it does narrow

kind of earlier on than the router 2

ones so if you're someone who's not used

to having your feet in pointy toed shoes

it may just be more comfortable for you

to just size up and just not have to

worry about it size up half a size just

so the fit of this shoe does feel a

little bit roomier and more comfortable

and then finally I think the final

scenario where you would want to size up

is if you just prefer a little bit more

of a looser should I say or less

constricting flats I know some people

like to have very tight fitting flats

where there's their heel is not shifting

around at all it's very form-fitting

personally I don't like that as much I

like to have a little bit more wiggle

room where I can kind of wiggle my toes

around and just feel a little bit more

air in my shoes so if you're in that

camp also I would size up as well so

I've seen a lot of questions online

about how to how Rafi's does their

sizing if the sizes run small or large

hopefully this video helps you into that

question if you have any experience with

Rafi's if you agree or disagree with my

sizing recommendations let me know down

in the comments down below and once

again if you are thinking about buying

Rafi's I would love it if you would use

my $20 coupon code and of course you get

$20 off your order by doing that as well

so that's it guys if you like these

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