2 Minute Man: How Do Exchange Rates Work?

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it's arrived my limited edition Star

Wars Chewbacca t-shirt straight from the

USA only 59 bucks thought actually 89

bucks because of the exchange rate what

is the story with that you can look at I

tie you can plot like afro come fool you

can make pizza dough George it's all

hang a picture play piano lecture pan I

can teach you in 2 minutes

okay here's the go with exchange rates

different countries have different types

of money or currencies there's the bat

the lira the dollar the Dom the frame

the Gilda the DeNiro wait

the DeNiro you're talking to me yeah I'm

talking to you it's the national

currency of Spain Oh No see when you

travel to another country chances are

you're gonna pay for stuff in that

country's currency which means you want

to exchange some of your money for some