How to exchange your propane tank at home depot

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AmeriGas propane exchange is the quick

easy way for you to swap out a tank or

buy a spare stop by your local Home

Depot to pick up propane you can trust

and get on with your day simply leave

your old propane tank outside the store

to make an exchange we accept any tank

no matter the condition don't forget

it's important to never bring tanks

indoors tell the cashier you would like

to purchase an exchange or spare tank

the cashier will then supply you with a

six digit code at the bottom of your

receipt which you will then take to the

kiosk outside once you've made your way

to the kiosk located next to the vending

cages follow these instructions first

type in your six digit code this will

automatically open the cage next for an

exchange take the new tank out of the

locker and place your old tank in its