How To Get Or Exchange Platinum Tokens - OSRS

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hello and welcome my name is Dylan and

today I'm gonna quickly show you guys

how to exchange and get platinum tokens

so platinum tokens are exchanged for one

platinum token for 1,000 GP and how you

do it is you click on the banker a

little prompt will come up so I've just

changed it from a platinum token to

coins and now I'll change it from coins

to a platinum token now this can be used

if you want to try some cool things

where you clean out your bank and you

put it all into platinum tokens you can

also use it if you're super rich but at

that point I don't think that you would

need this video but you can also use it

for staking and stuff like that a lot of

times stickers will do platinum coins

because it's a lot easier to manage it

in your inventory because obviously it's

ten to the third power of what you can