How to buy BTC in 2019 with PayPal!

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hey guys Krypto the dog here today what

we're gonna talk about is wallets and

where to buy bitcoins so if you've been

wondering about any of these hold on

about 15 seconds and I'll let you know

what's going on hey guys so first of all

we're gonna talk about wallets what they

are what types of wallets there are and

what they're used for and then I'm going

to show you how to buy Bitcoin with

either a debit card or PayPal now I live

in the u.s. which is probably one of the

hardest places to actually buy Bitcoin

with a debit card and so the ways I'm

showing you I'm assuming will work

worldwide but you'll want to verify that

and make sure what is a wallet a crypto

wallet is somewhere where you store all

of your bitcoins in your all coins now

it's not a physical wallet like you have

in your pocket it's a digital wallet so

there's two types of wallets there's a

software wallet and a hardware wallet

software wallet is software on your

computer or your smartphone a hardware

wallet basically looks like a USB Drive

but it is its whole purpose is to be a

cryptid wallet it stores all your coins

now the most secure out of them is


some say it's a hardware wallet others

says software wallet it kind of depends

on the amount of security you have set

up on your software or wallet as to

which one's the most secure I personally

just use the software wallet mainly

because I don't have a hundred and fifty

bucks just a hardware wallet but I just

use the software wallet you haven't had

an issue

now whatever exchange you have

technically will have a virtual wallet

where you can store your crypto now

there are two downsides to storing on

exchange I wouldn't recommend it because

a you don't own what's called the

private keys so the private keys is a

ten word code to your wallet that is

particular to your wallet that will

allow you to rest

or it to any other crypto wallet that

basically will give you all your money

back even if you lose your wallet on

exchange if the exchange goes under or

your wallet gets hacked you're screwed

because they own their private keys you

don't know them the way you want to

think about it is mostly you'll use an

exchange to buy Bitcoin but if you're

keeping a large amount of money on the

exchange by the Bitcoin transfer and off

the exchange to your personal wallet and

then transfer back whatever or keep on

the exchange whatever you're planning on

actually trading at that time there have

been a ton of cases where exchanges go

under mount GOx is the most famous one

it was the largest crypto change in it

just overnight vanished and a ton of

people lost all of their crypto so it's

very important to keep it in your own

wallet so there are few different

hardware wallets

there's the treszura wallet which you

see on my screen right here that one

basically looks like a thumb drive and

it will store all your coins on it'll

hold up to like 1,500 crypto currencies

on it so that's a hardware wallet there

are a few software wallets which the one

I use is Exodus this is their website

and you would just download your wallet

from there but their interface works

like this so it'll have a list of all

your alt coins over here now there's

only a few by default but you can add

more and there's they have a ton of all

coins if you look through this you can

add those to your wallet transfer them

over or whatever so the good thing about

this wallet that I like is that you can

actually set your own exchange fees to

where you can't choose like when you

transfer Bitcoin to or out of your

wallet how much you pay to do it

this wall will

to do that it may charge you less fees

but it will take longer to transfer

you're a Bitcoin out of it which

sometimes I don't care about if you want

it faster you can pay higher fees and

it'll transfer faster so that's the one

I use alike it they didn't use to have a

mobile app but now they do so that's not

a problem anymore

there's also one called Jack's wallet

they also have a mobile app I don't

think they support as many kryptos but

it's a good one

so I've heard a lot of good things about

it you can actually buy Bitcoin from it

which a lot of wallets you can't do now

with the Exodus wallet you can swap

between all coins alike if you have

Bitcoin and wanna change it to aetherium

you can do that it does cost quite a bit

in fees but it's something that you're

allowed to do so for example if you

wanted to swap one Bitcoin to etherium

you're paying basically the exchange

rate for Bitcoin which is eight thousand

two hundred and fifty seven US dollars

and you're receiving eight thousand

sixty four dollars in return so as you

see the fees are pretty high but it's

convenient so you have that option

alright so now that we've gone over

wallets let's go over how you buy crypto

so in the US it's very hard to buy

Bitcoin let alone buy it with a debit

card or anything like that however due

to a company called simplex they've

partnered with a lot of exchanges and

you're able to buy Bitcoin directly from

your exchange the downside is that the

minimum price is 50 dollars so you have

to buy at least $50 worth of Bitcoin and

some exchanges charge you higher fees

which is interesting because it's coming

from the same company so like by Nance


example uses simplex and they charge a

higher fee to buy crypto then coo corn

does so the exchanges that I use for my

strategy are cooling and hit BTC those

ones have the most account building

coins and the coins with the most space

drops that I found so I buy my crypto

from them because then it automatically

puts it in my wallet and I don't have to

pay the the fees coming from my personal

wallet so COO coin and hippie TC

basically have the same fees but what

you have to do is you have to set an

account up with them and I'll put the

link in my description send an account

up log in and when you go to your

markets tab over here on the left side

on COO coin you'll have a button it says

buy crypto with credit card now on

coupon you can only use Visa or

MasterCard and you can purchase it there

I dunno a lot of credit card companies

though have stopped allowing you to buy

crypto but you can use a debit card

so my debit card I have a MasterCard

debit card and a Visa debit card and

they will work to buy crypto here so you

can buy it from either one of those

exchanges I usually buy it from

whichever one I plan on trading at the

time it seems the most popular one to

buy crypto from is coinbase the downside

with them is a they charge a lot of fees

and B I just really don't like them I

don't trust them they've got shady

practices but that's my opinion so

that's another option there's also an

exchange called C X dot IO which will

allow you to buy which is another

popular one most exchanges now we will

allow you to buy Bitcoin directly from

the exchange and using the company

called simplex that provides that


now there is a way to buy bitcoin with

PayPal the fees are really high but it

uses this website called ver watts and

it's kind of a roundabout way of buying

Bitcoin so they have their own digital

currency called SLO so what you can do

is you can go to the verlox's website

you can buy this sll currency with

paypal and then you can sell SSL for BTC

right there it costs a lot in fees and

you're only allowed to buy a certain

amount so like for example within 24

hours you're only allowed to buy 480 US

dollars and over 30 days only six

thousand US dollars so you're kind of

limited in your amounts but it's a cool

way to buy Bitcoin with PayPal if you

don't have another way so that's

basically a rundown on how to buy

Bitcoin and what a wallet is for now

that's all that's gonna be included in

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