How to Exchange your old one plus for a new one from SHOWROOM| EXCHANGE 5T | 6|6T|7 FOR 7T|BANGALORE

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hello guys namaste to all welcome to

another vlog and this vlog is going to

be a little special because I am

planning to buy a new one Plus 70 phone

from one of those great showrooms in MG

Road the 1 plus outlet which is

available in mg Rhodes Brigade Road so

the trick lies your okay I am planning

to exchange my old one plus Phi T phone

here is a one okay it is in a perfect

minted condition probably around one and

half year old with a snapdragon of 835

and 8gb of RAM and 128 GB of ROM dual

camera so this is the specs so I'm going

to exchange this particular phone I just

want to know what is the exchange rate

coated in these showrooms so I to check

it n online in Amazon and when you put

your IMEI number give me around five

thousand three hundred bucks so I'm not

very sure how much they're gonna quote