How to Remove the OnePlus 6T Back Glass Cover

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hello there everyone in this video I'm

gonna be showing you how to remove and

replace the back glass cover on your

oneplus 60 so I'm going to be showing

you how to replace your back glass cover

in case you might have cracked it so

let's go on and get right into it first

thing we're gonna need is some tools

we're gonna have links down below in the

description where you can get the parts

and tools we're gonna use for this

repair so we are going to be using a

suction cup a couple open triangles and

a sim ejector tool alright so let's go

ahead and put all this to the side and

get started so first off that's going to

remove the SIM card tray it's gonna be

on the top left portion of the phone

it's gonna have a little small hole here

just poke it in and the SIM card tray

will come right out

next up go ahead and power D phone off

next thing we're gonna need to do is

we're gonna need to first remove the

back cover to do this we're gonna have

to heat it up with a hairdryer or a heat

gun to soften up the adhesive that holds

it together with the entire frame of the

phone so you can do it with a hairdryer

heat gun or you can set it on a hot

plate which is what I prefer to use I

set it to about 110 degrees Celsius and

leave it on there for about a minute or

two one thing that I do suggest is use

some kind of gloves that will cover your

hands so that you don't get burnt when

holding the phone since it is gonna be

hot so once ready go ahead and grab the

phone touch it make sure that it's hot

to the touch where it burns just a

little bit and we're gonna use the

suction cup place it towards the bottom

portion of the phone where the charger

port on the back cover and we're gonna

wedge up on it gently pull up on the

suction cup until you see a slight

opening be patient so you don't break

the back glass you may need to give it a

little bit more heat and once you see

that slight opening go ahead and get a

plastic prying tool and you can squeeze

it in there in between the frame and the

glass it's also useful to use the help

of other prong tools as well so stick

one around the to go down the other side

of the back glass once you have the

pranked window you can go ahead and

remove the

suction cup and I'm gonna give it a

little bit more heat just because I want

to soften up the adhesive a little bit

more there you go so it's a little bit

harder now

now the adhesive should be even easier

to remove so we're just gonna go down

one of the sides here with this prying

tool just gently go down the entire side

don't do it too fast so you don't break


and I'm gonna be using the help of

another prank tool here as well and now

with this tool we're gonna go down this

side of the phone so continue to go down

both sides of the phone with both prying

tools like I said take your time don't

rush it so that you don't damage the

glass if you ever need to give it a

little bit more heat soften that that he

said go ahead and do that but I think

I'm good here so I'm gonna continue

going down this side now and just

continue to remove the adhesive

sometimes you remove it and they get

stuck back again so I just continue to

remove all of it and continue to give it

a little bit of pressure there you go as

you can see it's the back cover is

completely removing up now let's go down

the top portion of the phone now to

remove the final bits of adhesive left

up here

and once the top portion is removed now

it looks like all the adhesive is

removed so we can go ahead and gently

just give it a little bit of pressure

upwards with our fingers and the back

cover will come out completely and there

is your one plus sixty back glass cover

completely removed so once you have your

new back glass cover just make sure that

the adhesive is under correctly that

there's no bulges of adhesive you may

want to clean out anything if there is

so that the back glass can stick onto

the back frame of the phone correctly

and not have any gaps so go ahead and

position the glass correctly well let's

position one corner first and then from

that corner we can kind of line up the

rest of the corners and then once you

have them lined up go ahead and place

the whole back glass down and give it

some pressure on all sides so that the

adhesive glues back on to the frame of


once you've done that you're pretty much

done you're ready to go ahead and power

your phone on and test it and make sure

that the repair was successful so I'll

go ahead and place your SIM card tray

back in and you're all done well there

you have it everyone that was just a

quick video on how to remove and replace

the back glass cover for your one plus

60 remember there's gonna be links down

below in the description for the parts

and tools used in this repair

according give this video like and

that's it for now I'll see you around in

the next video and as always peace