CVS Gift Card Exchange

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hello Mike oops this is Sami we'll bring

on the coupon and here's some info for

you about CVS and your unwanted gift

cards so with all of the graduations

that are going on right now

birthday is of course anniversaries all

the goodness people are giving out more

gift cards because it's just easier and

you know you could go ahead and get the

thing that you actually want but

sometimes they give you the gift card

you didn't really want you know so here

I just saw on and I'll put a

link down below if you can go ahead and

look it up for yourself so you take your

gift cards and just like it says

exchange gift cards for a CdSe gift gift

card over 200 merchants accepted so it's

real easy go ahead and let's do Walmart

all right let's just say $20 hopefully

you get more than that what you're going