How To Complete A Return at

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Oh, hey! Looks like you might be interested in returning something to Zappos.

Before you get started please make sure that what you're returning

is in original, unworn condition and

is still in its original packaging. To start your return

make sure your logged in and click the My Account link

to view your order history. Once you're there

select the order number that contains the items that you want to return.

Find the item that you want to return and select 'Return This Item'

from the drop down menu. Then, click the orange 'Return Selected Items' button to proceed

Next, choose refund method

and let us know why you returning the item.

Then, click the orange 'Submit Return' button.

On this page choose the type of label that you would like to receive

and click the orange 'Your Shipping Label' button.

Last, click the grey 'Print Your Return Shipping Label' button

and a new tab will open, allowing you to print your return label.

Once you have your return label (or labels),

you'll need to tape it to your return shipping box. Don't forget to remove

any old shipping labels, or cover them up before taping

a new label to the box. You can drop off your return shipping box

at any UPS Store and Zappos will email you

when the items are received back at the warehouse, and again when your refund is processed.

If you're returning multiple items from the same order

and they don't all fit in one box, it's no problem!

However, each box needs its own unique return label.

To do this, select all the items that you're returning in the first box, and follow the original steps

to print out your return label.

Then, once you're done, go back to the order number in your 'My Account' page

and select the items you'll be returning in the second box.

Then you can repeat the steps to get a new return label.