How To Return on Shein and Romwe (online websites)

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hey guys my name is Rachel welcome back

to my channel so in today's video I'm

going to share with you guys how to

return exchange and get refund from

sites like Xin or wrong way or Zack will

stuff like that the return and refund is

kind of little tricky on these websites

it's not as simple as little cruise or

any other Indian website but they just

come and pick it up and it's super easy

so I know that the return different

policy because of this a lot of you guys

may not want to venture into trying

clothes from Xin and wrong B so I just

thought that this video can be super

helpful for you guys and you guys can

finally relax and order stuff from Xin

and wrong way without having to worry

about you know it going to waste because

you can't return it

etc so yes without any further ado this

video ok so first I'm going to start the

Xin and then I'll move on to wrong way

that's because Xin and wrong way have

completely different return policies and

the way the process of returning is also

very very different so first let's just

go and start with Xin so after you guys

have placed your order and after you

received your order if you don't like

any of the products then you can easily

return it so Xin has a good 45 days

return policy which is absolutely

amazing guys that's like one and a half

months for you to decide whether you

want to keep it or you don't want to

keep it once you've decided that you

don't want the product what you have to

do is you have to go and log into your

Xin account and go to my orders so once

you go into my orders you can see your

orders in like a rectangle box so in the

right post corner you will see something

called return item you can choose which

item you want to return so another good

thing about this return policy or

exchange policy is that you don't have

to return the entire you know bulk order

whatever you've ordered you can decide

to return how many of our items you want

so after hitting next you will get

another page that gives you a lists of

reasons that you can choose from so here

you have to choose

the reason why you want to join the

products it can be whether if it's

defective or the size is too small too

big or whether you don't like it

so after this hit next and here they

give you two options so you can either

choose to self ship the product which

means that you will pass the product and

seal it and you will go to the courier

service and sell ship it on your own or

the next option is a pickup option

obviously it makes sense that you choose

a pickup option because there is this

come to your house and then pick it up

and go you don't have to deal with any

of the hassle but this pickup option may

or may not be available or in your city

since I live in China it's one of the

major cities pickup was very easily

available so I obviously opted for that

and how much ever it costed you to sell

ship that product that amount will not

be refunded and if you choosing these

pickup service then even that is not

free they will take a 65 piece for

coming and picking up at your home after

my product was picked up it took

approximately two weeks for me to get my

refund receive my refund on machine

water if you want it to be back on your

bank account login via xin website go to

my wallet

and there at the bottom will be an

option called deposit like withdrawal

the deposit or something like that and

that amount will be refunded to your

bank account through which you made the

payment now let's move on to hungry now

ROM B is a little more different than

Xin and that's because you don't have a

pickup service so you will have the self

shipped log into your Romney account go

to my orders and just see whatever item

that you want to return now there is an

option called reusing a ticket or my

ticket so if you just go there you will

have to release a ticket so ticket is

basically raising and inquiring me so

this just sends a message to the Romney

customer care

whichever products that you want to

return just like the numbers and just

say why you want to return them and just

hit submit it will take them around 24

hours to give

replies they will reply to you giving

you with the entire address and they

will give you all the details and

instructions of how you should return it

and everything and etc and just follow

it to the tea and how much ever it'll

cost you to self ship an item is

completely on you they will not refund

that money if you want to return a talk

which is for let's say 300 rupees and

just shipping that is going to cost 150

or 200 then you will have to think

whether if that is actually you know

worth it just reply to the same ticket

with the tracking number saying that hey

I've shipped the product and this is the

tracking number if you don't send them

the tracking number then they will not

know that you ship the product so after

they said that they received my product

I got my refund directly into my back

account in the next five to seven

business days so that's how you return

on wrong way so as you guys you see

Shane and wrong way is quite different

so guys that brings me to the end of

this video I really hope you guys found

this useful and I really hope it wasn't

confusing I hope it was clear and you

guys understood how to return on xin and

wrong way I really wanted to make this

video as it's just a very random thought

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