Poloniex Trading Tutorial - How To Get Started And Make Your First Trade

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hey guys how's it going to scramble from

emotionless crypto trading and today I'm

about to show you how to get started

with baloney acts the best crypto

currency exchanger at the moment so feel

free to head over to loan XCOM it's free

to resister to create your account

hit this button right there but before

we get started I'd like to tell you it's

a us-based crypto currency exchange

offering maximum security and an

advanced trading features now I'm

enjoying this and I feel like it's the

best out there you don't even have to

bother checking for other crypto

currency exchangers out there it's you

know a no-brainer it's ready to resister

there's nothing to pay upfront and

there's just little fees that you will

have to support when you trade so no big

deal guys it's worth it and that's the

way you can make thousands of dollars

hundreds or millions it's really up to

you now let's get started all you got to

do is head over Polonia XCOM hit this

button create your account and make sure

you complete all this first name last

name country phone number email password

repeat a password you never want to use

a password that you already use for

adding any other exchanger or for your

email you don't want to use a similar

password I mean a pastor must be unique

for polonius this is what I'm suggesting

and you should not use it anywhere else

you can read all this information is

very helpful right here on the right

side so you can basically create your

account in a more secure way then also

just create your account make sure you

agree with the Terms of Use

and then validate your email that's

basically the next step that you have to

complete and then you can start trading

basically after you sign in so you

validate your email and then you sign in

you start training now I've already

signed in basically this is what you're

going to see when you hit the exchange

button on the left side you have the

menu we have exchange margin trading and

landing now what we are searching is the

exchange you want to hit the exchange

after you logging in so this is

basically the marketplace that you want

to trade on now you have so many

possibilities on the right side we

actually have a kind of menu where we

choose where we see statistics from

where we make different decisions such

as seeing all the numbers all the charts

from different old coins or Bitcoin or

whatsoever you want to see now you see

you have the price you have the coin you

have the volume you have the change

which is percent based then you have the

name of the coin right then you all

based on Bitcoin at the moment and then

we have the possibility to be based on a

theory on Manero or dollar right so the

market is based at the moment on Bitcoin

and that's the way we all trade mostly

in my opinion that's the only way I used

to trade and that's where I have my

experience and I make my money on so as

you may see you see a bunch of if I

scroll down you see probably 30 40 50

different alt coins different

cryptocurrencies that you can trade with

bitcoins so what that means is you might

have any of this so you can sell them

for Bitcoin or you might have Bitcoin

and buy any of this right any of this

ones you can buy with Bitcoin or you can

sell for Bitcoin that's what it means

a market is based on the Bitcoin now if

I had over a theorem than any of this

ones you can use to sell for a film or

buy with a theorem right so you don't

have to change in Bitcoin and then buy

sometimes people use to keep their

values their holdings and their funds in

aetherium if that's what you have and

you can use the etherium basically to

purchase golem or sell golem directly

for aetherium it's the same thing with

more narrow or US dollar right so that's

really up to you what you want to do but

today we're going to play with the

Bitcoin market because that's what most

of the time you're going to use probably

now as it seems everything is on

positive when it's plus 18 for light

point for example that means it's plus

18 percent over the last 24 hours right

so since 24 hours is plus 18 percent

here you can see the volume you can see

the price referring to the Bitcoin so

litecoin referring to Bitcoin you see

the price of it of the exchange rate and

then you see the coin actually now all

the strings are alive everything is

updated automatically as the price

changes and it's quite simple after you

login you have to make your first

deposit in order to be able to do some

exchanging some trading then what you

have to do is keep your balances here

hit the deposits button with withdrawals

and make sure you have any of this

cryptocurrencies listed right there so

you can make your deposit right any of

this cryptocurrencies listed right there

are available on Polonia ax if you have

blackcoin you can make a deposit to your

black coin and then exchange black go

into Bitcoin and there maybe from

Bitcoin you can buy aetherium right and

then sell your aetherium by a game

Bitcoin and then buy something else

that's the way you actually do the

trading now each of this

cryptocurrencies have the actions tab

that means you can deposit or you can

cash app you can weed row now you also

see the total balance of your coin on

orders and BTC valid right each of this

script and currency have a BTC value

most of them are based on BTC and

Polonia acts used to calculate that

automatically for you so it shows for

example you might see I don't know you

might have at stake black coin again 500

black coin that would be a single BTC

valued so to say warren beatty see right

there it just means if you trade your

black coin into painting see then you

would have a single BTC now you can

deposit guys all you got to do is hit

the deposit back button for any of your

cryptocurrencies that you may have make

sure you do that correctly you also have

a QR code listed for any cryptocurrency

you want to deposit and it's available

on Polonius the button for that is

always after you click on deposit right

you click on the posit for any of the

ones you want sometimes it's not allowed

to deposit for some reasons specific

cryptocurrencies so you always want to

verify if you are allowed or not if not

simply drop them a message you have the

contact support button right here at the

bottom of Polonia XCOM you also want to

ask what's going on with that

cryptocurrency and when the

tolik feature is going to be available

therefore you can actually wait a couple

of days until it's available because

every time there are changes in the

system and every time things get better

and better by upgrades yeah click on

deposit you get the address that you can

send to and then you can also get the QR

code if you press this button right here

you're going to get your QR code that

you can use to deposit or the address

it's really up to you which is the way

you want to use to deposit I would also

suggest you guys to wait anywhere from

30 minutes up to I don't know depends

one cryptocurrency you're going to

deposit but a couple of hours 1 2 3

hours depends once again on the

cryptocurrency you should not get on

their panic

by not seeing anything in your total

balance and after making your deposit

right so you wait an hour two hours

three hours and you should see your

funds coming in sometimes funds reach

your account in ten minutes five minutes

depends on the cryptocurrency you are

depositing all this cryptocurrencies are

available to be deposited via an address

right and QR code guys so you can do

this make sure you double check before

you send to the address if it's your

black coin deposit address if the

cryptocurrency is right right here so if

it's the one you're sending it's the one

you're having if you have bitcoins you

cannot send to black coin cryptocurrency

address because everything is going to

be lost right so you're going to lose

that big quois you're not going to get

black coin in exchange of your bitcoins

sent to that address for that you have

to send to the Bitcoin address and then

exchange in the marketplace if you would

like to have black coin right so you

always want to send specific

- the name of the cryptocurrency that

you have I don't know in any other

wallet right or any other place you

might have now it's the same thing as or

any other cryptocurrency we would like

to deposit not for example we have the -

right here if we heat the deposit button

again we get the address so we want to

make sure that it's or - deposit address

we have the address right here we double

check when we send the money to this

address and then we're just waiting to

see the funds right here funds will

always show up in the total balance

that's the place you see your funds but

you can also see by clicking on deposit

and withdrawal history page right here

this button and this clickable text

shows up after you click on deposit

anywhere it shows up you want to click

on there and see your deposit coming in

used - there used to be verifications in

order to get your deposits right depends

what cryptocurrency are doing but there

used to be a couple of verifications and

you will see the process right inside

this tab so that's what you can click on

and maybe be more updated with the

process of deposit so but like I said

you should not bother with those kind of

things time will solve this little

little issue with the deposit yeah I

mean after you put some money into him

all you got to do is head over the

exchange tab where you can start

exchanging now you have to get familiar

with all these things here you have to

be under control of what you're doing

otherwise I would not suggest you to put

in too much funds or too much of your

emotions too much of your

expectations first of all you have to

know what you're doing you have to

understand numbers have to understand

the candlesticks all these charts right

here volumes numbers and actually the

business which is one of the most

difficult things out there to understand

how the cryptocurrency world works for a

beginner right now you have to get used

to the kind of members area should I

call or the exchange area that's the

correct way to say you got to get used

to this as this is actually the place

where you see everything from the

charting till the volume till depends

what you choose in the second in the

settings I'm sorry you have the

possibility to choose different settings

to show up right marking all those

things I'll get a bunch of options but I

am using just the triple levels for me

and finally those on Polonia X so you

also have the zoom option and the

candlestick option right here so but I

use the option of right below the bait

and time you have the possibility to

zoom in or zoom out and drag your chart

in the different time frames you want to

see for example right now we see from

April 13 till May 3rd right so if we

would like to see the charts and the

candlestick from April 25th we have the

possibility to drag this below element

to the left so you see a larger timing

if you drag this one to the right you

see short term graph short term

candlesticks now I used to play with

this whenever I want to see exactly and


the industry read the candlesticks

therefore below that you have the

possibility to buy etherion because we

are right now on the etherium if you

want to buy or sell something else then

you have to go to that specific

cryptocurrency it's obvious right if you

want to buy ripple and you have to click

on the ripple and the chart will change

numbers will change and the members area

the exchange area will be only for

ripple so everything you see here it's

all about ripple this is there actually

the market and all the markets out there

so you can choose from and see all those

statistics but you have to click on in

order to see detailed stuff able to buy

and sell right it's very simple till now

let's assume that you would like to buy

some ripple because you have deposited

bitcoins and now you have bitcoins so

you want to buy some ripples right with

your bitcoins all you got to do is you

have to exempt the price this is the

lowest ask this is the lowest ask in the

BTC value of ripple and then this is

actually the wallet you have for BTC

right then we also have the stop limit

option and then the sell ripple option

right so you have like three places

three functions that you can use by sub

limit and sell I'm going to explain you

all of this and make sure your you know

what you're doing otherwise you're not

able to act in any form now before I'm

showing you how to buy and all that

stuff I would really really suggest you

guys to understand what you're doing and

to make sure that you're making the

right decision in your opinion when you

buy so you want to scroll down and see a

lot more

things such as the cell orders that the

by order stab the market depth and the

trade history right so you want to

measure and see all these details before

you want to get into buying that's the

way actually an exchange members area

looks like all these things change

when it comes down to a different

cryptocurrency because that

cryptocurrency has a different situation

has different numbers has a different

value so it's changing you want to make

sure you always look at the

cryptocurrency you want to ask for right

and always double check that's the way

you have to do when you're a beginner

it's not a big deal this is actually the

market rate you see live what's

happening you see the type of action

that happened someone sold someone

bought someone sold someone sold someone

sold report for 9.2 plus bitcoins which

is like two hundred forty six thousand

ripples right someone bought repos 4.18

BTC s so you see everything that happens

on Polonia X market with the


you're working on and a moment which is

something great I mean you can always

keep an eye on it an important tab I'm

going to explain you in more advanced in

videos what all these things mean

including how to trade how to find good

entries and talk about the

cryptocurrency word as much as we can in

the following videos now this is

specifically for beginners for people

looking to get started with baloney X

right so this is actually like I said

where you buy you have the amount of

bitcoins in your wallet and then the

lowest ask which is basically the amount

you will pay as the lowest ask for a


so all you got to do is all these

numbers you have Louis ask you have you

have and you have the highest bid are

underlined with the dots as you can see

and they are clickable so if you want to

buy with all your BTC feel free to click

on your BTC value and then the amount of

ripples you are going to get will show

up including the total you're going to

pay which is the amount you want to

spend life or your ripples and then

here's the price you're paying for that

exchange at the moment guys that's the

way it works and all you got to do is

click the Buy button and then your order

will be placed it should take I don't

know even maybe a second or anywhere up

to a few more seconds depends on the

market if you see your order down here

in my open orders after a minute if you

see your order there by saying buy or

sell it doesn't matter but if you see

your order there after a minute the you

may want to cancel it and refresh your

page and then try to buy a game by

making sure that you're accepting the

lowest ask price right so you want to do

that as things will speed up and the

price is going to update so you're going

to be able to buy your ripples way

faster that's the way I used to do if I

accept obviously the price if I like

that and if I think it's a good one to

purchase and also a good entry now

that's the way you buy very simple you

click at you click on on how much do you

have and then you see actually how much

do you get and then you click on the Buy

button that's everything you got to do

now you can also select the amount of

bitcoins you want to use to buy maybe

you do not want to use your entire


balance right maybe you want to use

point two bitcoins to buy all you have

to do is in the total area right down

point two so then we're going to see

exactly how many ripples you're going to

get for point e bitcoins for this

exchange rate right this is the way you

buy now the way you sell it's again very

simple you have it's going to say how

many ripples you're going to have like

500 this is the highest bid you may get

all you got to do is if you want to sell

your all your ripples then click on the

number right it's just going to paste

there if you have let's say 500 ripples

then it will say 500 or I don't know

it's good 5,000 and it will show up

automatically the value of BTC you're

going to get into your BTC wallet right

so that's the way it works this is what

you're going to get in your BTC one for

five thousand ripples at the moment at

this rate and you just place the sell

button now if it's not going to sell in

like a minute

feel free to click the cancel button and

make sure you refresh the page and then

you do the same thing if you agree with

the highest speed that you may get

if you always agree and if you fail it's

still the good entry point now you also

have the stop limit feature which is a

little bit more advanced and it's very

useful in my opinion I'm using that

continuously on all my trades and I feel

like it allows me to increase my profits

and obviously minimize my losses

that's though it works with stop limit

which you can use as long as you get it

and you know

how it works now for example I'll show

you dad over the next few minutes I'll

explain you why it is good to use the

stop limit feature but this is going to

happen in the next video presentation

guys it's going to be about the stop

limit feature that Polonius have I will

share with you how to use it what are

the beneficial things that you may get

after using the stop limit feature and

the way you should use it now probably

that's kind of everything around as the

beginner part right so on the right side

we also have the news around Ptolemy axe

whenever any type of cryptocurrency will

be the listed or any type of features

will be introduced or any news will show

up in the notices area here we have the

tool box which is a chat area that I'm

not really suggesting you to use guys in

my opinion it's a waste of time and all

those ideas and things that usually

appear there you have no verification of

the person writing them and you should

not bother with anything that's written

there right so notices are very

important but the troll box is nothing

good in my opinion for someone that

wants to use it's done in a profitable

way now probably that's all about

Polonia axe on how to get started how to

open your account how to make your first

deposit how to make your first trade how

to buy a specific cryptocurrency how to

sell that cryptocurrency to bitcoins and

all that things now that's kind of all

around this video guys thank you for

watching feel free to click the link in

the description where you can subscribe

and find out more

about my royal coaching program and

membership that you can access where I'm

going to share with you a lot of things

you can see more details on that links

in the description area thank you once

again feel free to subscribe and keep

watching my channel because aren't

having a stop limit feature video coming

out that shows you so many informations

which are crucial sometime that will

make the difference between making more

or losing more money with crypto

currency trading thank you once again

guys see you next time