Bittrex: How to Exchange One Crypto for Another

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ok so it's been about 30 minutes now I'm

just going to refresh this page by

clicking the URL and hitting Enter and

we'll see that deposit is available so

it is it's available now - available

balance so I have about five dollars

worth of - in my newly created bid Rex

account so to exchange in the top left

hand corner there's two different

markets there's this B markets and a

dollar sign market so the the B is for

Bitcoin the bitcoin symbol is what that

is so if we go to the Bitcoin markets

first before I can actually trade into

anything since they don't have like a -

market I would have to exchange my -

into Bitcoin first that's kind of like

the it's pretty common with some of

these exchanges some exchanges have

actually - markets and a theory of

markets are very common but a lot of the