Do You Have Old Coins? Do You Want To Sell Them? Here's What You Do.

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do you have old coins and want to know

how much they're worth and where you can

sell them stay tuned and I'll answer

those questions for you hello everyone

my name is Daniel and I get a lot of

questions that I have old coins I want

the cell contact me call whatsapp here's

my number

I mean it's oh no no no no and I get

these questions constantly

well first off first things first what I

recommend is to find a local coin dealer

or a local coin show where you can go

and talk to a coin dealer other

collectors or maybe even a coin club

first what my recommendation is is you

can whoever to go in zip and you can

find that you've got coin shows tab you

got coin dealer tab yeah point clubs I

mean you've got all of this that you can

research now I get some of you may be