Change Raising | The Real Hustle

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this is an ordinary English 20 pound

note we earn them and we span them and

once spent the money's gone for good

right well not exactly

here's how 20 pound can be turned into

30 pound 40 pound or even 50 pound by a

ruthless con artist this is the change

raising con the idea of change raising

is to take a quantity of money let's say

it's a 20 pound note and then change it

into 30 or 40 pounds by confusing

somebody into giving you more money than

the intended and the idea is to get them

to do two transactions at the same time

rather than just one and then the next

one and what happens in the middle is

they they think everything is fine but

they've accidentally given you more

money than they should Hustler's like

Alex can pull the change raising con at

any shop or bar which is prepared to

give them change for a twenty this scam

has even been pulled by the cynical con

artists at charity shops Alex starts by

asking for change for a twenty pound

notes change for twenty yes possibly the

shopkeeper kindly helps him out

that's great Oh fantastic

thank you nothing oh oh sorry actually I

do Sophie I do actually have some change

okay that's gonna be a bit too much uh

did I give you this Barthe yep just that

protective I'll be great actually we

might want to count tax I think yes some

is only for is it for and also that's

nine that's nine I tell you what seniors

I've got seniors I've got change already

I'll take my 22 back this nine that's

ten pounds and another ten happy I'm


excellent thanks very much so that was

surely confusing but how was it scam

Alex arrived with 20 pounds and asked

for it to be changed then he changed his

mind and left the shop with his original

20 pounds correct wrong he actually just

ripped off the shop still for 10 pounds

here it is again at the moment alex has

given the shopkeeper a 20 pound note and

she's given him 20 pound in change they

are even

but the whole con starts when alex says

he's already got enough change do any

handsome James do that's gonna be a bit

too much can I give you this Burton yep

is that so

Alec swaps ten pound of change for a ten

pound note and he has the other tenner

in his pocket he still has 20 pound in

total she might want to count that as

part of the ruse

alex has shortchanged the woman to

confuse her so that's nine I'll tell you

what seniors I've got seniors I've got

change already I'll take my twenty-two

back this nine that's ten pounds and

another ten look at what alex is about

to do that ten pounds on the counter

belongs to the shop the ten pound note

in Alex's hand belongs to Alex by

putting them together and asking her to

change the lock for a 20 pound note alex

is stealing ten pounds of the shops

money thanks very much he came in the

shop with a twenty she's just given him

a twenty and he still has the tenner in

his pocket he's made a slide ten pounds

and he's off out of the shop before the

lady can work out what happened still

confused that's why this is such an easy

scam to fall for what's happened is you

haven't completed the first part of the

transaction you've only completed half

of it

by asking you to do one more transaction

you're losing out the strange thing

about this is even if someone tells you

that they're going to demonstrate a


raising technique when they go through

the process most of the time you won't

even realise how they got more money out

of you