How To Exchange Numbers Part 3 - Cons Of Offering Your Number

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what's going on my guys back at you

again with not one not two part three of

this exchanging numbers series so part

one talked a little bit about my

strategy and why I off of the woman my

number two part two I talked about some

of the pros of that approach and now in

this video I'm gonna be talking about

some of the cons and some of the

downsides as far as offering your number

instead of ask the woman for her number

thank you guys for checking out the

video hope you enjoy let's get into it


alright fellas so let's get into some of

the cons as far as offering the woman

your number instead of taking hers so

one of the first ones is gonna be let's

say you met this woman on Friday you

know you're out a lounge party a club

wherever the case may be and let's say

you happen to meet multiple women and

and you know exchanged numbers or give

your number to multiple women that night

or let's say you met this woman on a

Friday and then the following day you

met another woman at the gym the

following day you met another woman at

the grocery store right let's say you

get a text and the text reads hey it was

great meeting you the other day and

that's all it says right it doesn't say

her name it does

say it doesn't give any more information

because you gave her your number you

don't really know which of those women

who you met could be texting you right

she didn't say her name she didn't give

you any more information that you can

not use identifier if she didn't say hey

it was great meeting you at the gym or

it was great meeting you at this place

if she just said hey it was awesome

meeting you we should go out sometime

and you don't know who it is now you

kind of have to do some investigating

you have to do a little bit of detective

work worse comes worse you may even have

to just say like who is this you know if

you can't figure out who it is and that

could create an awkward situation if

you're asking who is this and she's like

oh I feel like this guy should remember

me or maybe she's like oh you know he

probably met multiple women that night

and she gets discouraged by that so it

could create an awkward situation if you

give her your number and you've given

your number out to multiple women that

you've met and then you get a text that

reads you know hey Liz great meeting you

and you're not able to figure out who it

is you know that's one thing that you

may potentially have to deal with if

you're giving out your number instead of

asking the woman for hers so that's one

of the first cause con number two is

just like I talked about in the previous

video on some of the pros with giving

her your number you don't have control

over the situation over when you hear

from her it could be that same night she

texts you she could text you the

following day she could text you in two

or three days she could text you the

next week right you don't really have

any control over when she reaches out to

you now you know yourself better than I

do if you're someone who gets

discouraged by that or if you're someone

who you start to think whoa she wasn't

really that interested in me because I

haven't heard back from her you know


there so if you get discouraged because

you don't have that immediate

gratification this strategy of giving

your number it may not be the best for

you if you find that problematic if

you're not comfortable being somewhat

indifferent to the outcome if you're not

comfortable you know going several days

possibly several days without hearing

from her this is a strategy that's

probably not gonna work for you because

that very well could happen and it could

leave you discouraged whereas if you

took down her number then you have a

little bit more control over the

situation you can text her whenever you

choose to text her so that's the second

column that's the second downside to

this approach and on the topic of giving

the woman your number and not being sure

when or if you're gonna hear back from

her I have a pretty funny story to share

with you guys and this had happened

several years ago I had met a woman at

the mall and I ended up giving her my

number and I was doing some shopping I

was in the store looking at some shirts

and this guy comes up to me and he's

like hey you know my friend she thinks

they're cute but she's a little too shy

and she didn't want to come up to you

and approach you but she wanted to say

hi so I'm like okay where is she I'm

asking where she is so I can get a

glimpse so I can inspect the situation

that I'm dealing with

and she's like outside of the store I

don't know if wherever you guys are they

have stores and balls where they have

those massage chairs that are like on

the outskirts of the store you know so

before you go into the store sometimes

at the end of a certain section of a

mall there'll be like a couple massage

chairs where people will just sit and

put in

get massaged so she was sitting in one

of those chairs so I go up to her and

I'm like hey your friend said that you

thought I was good-looking how's it

going I got her an introduce myself and

she's like oh my god did he really say

that and I look back over my shoulder

and he's like standing there like like

cackling just having a blast just

laughing so it immediately told me that

she didn't tell him to go do that he was

just playing a joke on her and he went

up to me and told her that she thought I

was attractive so that made me go over

there but she didn't actually tell him

to do that so I'm like okay whatever I

just rolled the situation we ended up

talking for a little bit and she seemed

pretty nice I did find her attractive so

I just said hey you know what how about

you take down my number and you know if

you're interested we'll go out sometime

and I just left it at that now even

though we had a pretty decent

conversation just from reading her body

language and how she was interacting

with me it wasn't like she wasn't rude

or she wasn't standoffish but at the

same time she wasn't you know doing

backflips showing that she was

incredibly interested in me so at that

point I was like well this is already an

awkward situation and I'm not really

sure if you're interested you know this

is me thinking myself so that's what led

me to give her my number rather than

asking her for hers and you know it's

pointless and maybe she's not that

interested so I just gave her my number

now lo and behold I think this was on

maybe a Saturday or a Sunday she ended

up texting me not that day not the next

day not the day after that the following

weekend I get a text as I'm leaving the


like hey it's so-and-so and I'm like you

know an entire week you know after I

gave my number

now I wasn't frustrated about the

situation to be honest I had after like

the day after meeting her it totally

slipped my mind I wasn't even thinking

about it so I had I not heard from her

and wouldn't have frustrated me I

wouldn't have been stressed out about it

it was totally like out of sight out of

mind but when she texted me I was like

oh that's right no we we met over at the

mall and you know that shows you that if

if I was someone who I was really

interested in her and I was waiting

several days when she gonna text me when

she's gonna text me and I started to get

discouraged that strategy of giving her

my number

probably wouldn't suit well for me

because I have that kind of personality

where I would get discouraged but cuz I

don't because I was kind of indifferent

to the situation it didn't matter to me

that she texts me the following weekend

I just carried on with the conversation

and and you know asked her and learned a

little bit more about her and same thing

for me but I wasn't stressed out about

it because I was indifferent to the

outcome and I was indifferent to the

situation now you kind of have to have

that mindset if you're gonna be using

that approach of giving woman giving

women your number instead of taking down

there's you know so again guys you have

to do what suits you and what approach

fits your personality like I said with

that situation I wasn't stressed out

about it I wasn't I did well I wasn't

even thinking about her as the days were

progressing it wasn't like I had my

phone you know on the table and I was

just looking at it you know waiting

rocking back and forth you know that

wasn't what I was doing it wasn't like I

was sitting there like like Leonardo

DiCaprio and the depotted


looking at the phone at what should I do

you know I wasn't taking that approach

it was just hey if she texts me she

texts me if not no big deal you know so

if you can have that approach and you

can be a little bit indifferent to the

situation then I think that strategy

works for you not then maybe it doesn't

all right guys so now we're gonna get

into the third con of this approach and

that is to be quite honest that you're

going to inevitably if you're giving out

your number and you're not taking down

the woman's number you're gonna be

leaving some opportunities on the table

and here's what I mean by that let's say

you approached 10 women and you know

after the conversation you asked them

all for their number let's say seven or

eight of them decided to give you their

number if you went up to those same

women those same 10 women and instead of

getting their number you gave them yours

you wouldn't get you know seven or eight

of them texting you back you might get

maybe three four who knows maybe five of

them right so if you're someone who's

into quantifying things and you're like

what's gonna give me the most

opportunities to you know have

conversations and the most opportunities

to set up dates then yes if you always

ask them for her number more women are

likely to give you

they're number and it's just easier to

do because there's not that added layer

of them having a text you when you put

that qualifier of okay I'm gonna give

her my number and she has to text me

that step in and of itself is gonna

create just a barrier for someone some

women aren't gonna want to do that

they're like I'm not that interested in

him enough where I'm gonna text him so

you're not gonna hear from them right so

like I said if you're someone who

measures different strategies or

different approaches by you know numbers

and quantifying things then yes you know

giving your number out is gonna lead to

less women texting you back or left

conversations happening via text then if

you ask them for your number but again

it all depends on how you look at it my

approach is you know I'm kind of setting

a qualifier and if she's not that

interested to begin with there's no

point in us exchanges exchanging numbers

there's no point in taking her number so

I'm just gonna give her mind and if the

ones that are interested are gonna reach

back out to me that ones that aren't

aren't I'm not gonna sit here and and

and stress out about numbers and and

know you know what's gonna maximize the

number of chances that make sense

and I will say guys whatever you decide

to do it's all about perspective and and

what mindset you bring to the table and

what value you feel like you bring to

the table I'll be honest with you if

you're someone who maybe hasn't gone out

on a date in several months or you're

not someone who women tend to pursue or

who they tend to go out of their way to

try to set up dates with or they show a

lot of interest if you're not that kind

of person then yes you know you may have

to play some of the numbers game in a

sense of asking for their number whereas

if you're comfortable you know leaving

some opportunities on the table and

you're you know you're not stressed out

about it you know I haven't gone on on a

date in a long period of time

and you don't have that some anxiety

towards dating and towards dealing with

women that's gonna have a role of the

situation you know so like I said the

approach that you use it depends on how

comfortable you are kind of giving up

control and and what what you feel like

you bring to the table if you're a guy

who feels like you know I have a lot of

value women tend to pursue me they tend

to show interest in me then yeah you're

someone who can afford to just I'll give

them my number and if I hear from them I

hear from them whereas if you don't and

you feel like yeah she's probably not

gonna to reach out to me then you may be

better suited off you know asking her

for her number and you have to do a

little bit more of the pursuing upfront

you know I want to make sure that I

stress that to you guys it not

everything with the the videos that I

put out in the content and some of the

strategies not everything is that

one-size-fits-all I'd be lying to you

guys if I said you know this one

approach is gonna work for the billions

of men out there it's about the approach

that feels natural and feels comfortable

for you and fits your personality right

so I'm wrapping this thing up I feel

like I've said enough I've driven home

enough of the pros and cons for this

different approach we're gonna get into

some other content enough with the

exchange in numbers you guys probably

like man can we talk about something

else yes we're gonna get into some other

topics but I wanted to cover some of

those different pros and cons of those

different approaches so that being said

hope you guys got some value from this

video I hope you guys learn a little bit

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