How to buy and sell Bitcoin - Bitcoin 101

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there are various different ways to buy

and sell Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash some

methods are fast some are easy and

others are more private before you can

buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash you first

need a place to store it the easiest way

to do that is with a wallet app on your

smartphone you can download to the

Bitcoin comm wallet for free from wallet

Bitcoin comm the Bitcoin comm wallet

lets you easily and securely store two

versions of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash which

has the ticker symbol bch and the

version that most people still refer to

as just Bitcoin which has the ticker

symbol BTC once you have the app

downloaded you can buy Bitcoin and

Bitcoin cash in any of the following

ways you can buy either version of

Bitcoin directly in the Bitcoin comm

wallet if you live in one of the

supported countries simply open the app

tap Buy then follow the on-screen

instructions to complete the purchase

process with a credit card you can buy

small amounts instantly and after

verifying your identity you'll be able

to buy larger amounts in app to the

coins you purchase will be sent directly

to the Bitcoin comm wallet another easy

way to buy is through the Bitcoin comm

website itself head to buy Bitcoin comm

and you'll be able to purchase both

Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash along with a

collection of other popular crypto

currencies after entering the amount

you'd like to buy you'll provide the

wallet address where you'd like us to

send the cryptocurrency your purchasing

then after verifying your identity and

providing payment information the coins

you purchase will be sent to the address

you provided cryptocurrency exchanges

are another popular option for buying

and selling Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash

after creating an account and depositing

funds you'll be able to trade them for

Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash by placing an

order and then letting the exchange take

care of the rest the same goes for


simply trade either version of Bitcoin

for your local currency or a different

cryptocurrency because no exchange is

perfectly secure we recommend moving any

cryptocurrency you buy on an exchange to

your own wallet when you're done trading

if you want to trade cryptocurrencies

and tokens you can visit exchange

Bitcoin comm to get started if you are

looking to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash

privately a peer-to-peer exchange might

be right for you this kind of platform

connects you directly with buyers and

sellers you can join our peer-to-peer

exchange by visiting local Bitcoin comm

creating an account is fast private and

free and purchases can be made using

cash in person online bank transfers and

numerous other payment methods just

browse the platform and if you see an

offer that suits you open a trade if

you're buying you'll provide the seller

with your wallet address and the coins

will be sent to you after you make the

payment if you're selling you'll send

your coins to a local Bitcoin comm

address and when you confirm that you

have received payment the coins will be

released to the buyer when selling be

sure that the payment you receive will

not be reversed which can happen with

certain payment methods like PayPal

local debt can com only supports Bitcoin

cash if you liked this video be sure to

watch our other videos or visit us at

Bitcoin comm