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now that you've acquired Bitcoin you

might be asking what's next there's

plenty you can do with your digital

currency including exchanging it for

cash depending on your needs and

preferences there are a couple of

different options that you can choose

from let's start with debit cards this

option is all about convenience as you

can transfer money from your Vic home

wallet directly to your debit card which

makes the entire process fast reliable

and secure you can check out our top

recommendations for debit card options

in the description box below once you've

got the cash on your card you can use it

to make purchases or simply withdraw it

from any bank ATM some of you might want

to use an exchange service to convert

your Bitcoin into cash for this option

all you have to do is follow a few easy

steps first up you're going to need to

create a new wallet address with the

exchange service of your choice if your

Bitcoin is stored in a personal wallet

then simply send the funds to this new

address choose the currency you want to

convert your Bitcoin into and select

where you'd like to receive your cash

for example a bank account you can also

sell your Bitcoin for cash by finding

interested buyers near you and trading

directly either by meeting up in person

or by choosing an intermediary or

directory if you're going with a

directory it's as simple as signing up

entering your location and currency and

browsing through the buyers near you

with some directories you can even

choose the method of receiving your cash

after providing all the appropriate

information just sit back and wait for

your transaction to be completed finally

you can always just go to a Bitcoin ATM

near you to convert your Bitcoin as well

and there you go you successfully

convert a Bitcoin into cash and can use

it at your leisure make sure to

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