Best Money Changer KLCC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia: NS Cashpoint

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hi guys I just found the best

moneychanger here in Kuala Lumpur way

better than the airport then this

probably is the best money changer in

this small which is the KLCC mall right

on right under Petronas Towers

on the lower ground level look at these

rates at the airport it goes like three

point eight three point eight five that

was really crazy

there's also Western Union branch so

here it's an exchange for four point one



and it's cash point

$200 4.13

826 ringin saya

bistro is a chain of halal certified

India and Malay restaurants that is open

24 hours seven days a week

today we visit their branch in Kuala

Lumpur along Jalan Dan Wang


hi everybody I'd like to introduce you

to one of my favorite Indian restaurants

neighborhood restaurant