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what's up everybody and I almost hit some student driver that's okay so the

Tampa Bay Lightning you're now playing the Boston Bruins I am so excited right

now because Toronto just lost though Toronto is my second home I like this in

a bit lightning and I hate the Bruins anybody that grew up in Connecticut and like the

Whalers don't like the Bruins and the Rangers are our mortal enemies, but anything to watch

them get destroyed five games five games 5 games! you heard it here first people

destroy the Bruins in five games the Bruins will take Game one and then

we'll just scorch the earth all the way to the fleet center whatever the hell

that stupid place is called it nobody cares about it. So some of you have been

asking me questions online and sending me emails which by the way there's my

email if you want any questions about what it's like to live in Japan let me

know. So I'm driving now because a lot of the questions that you've asked are

going to be answered in this video, and it's basically one question that I keep

getting over and over and over again. How do you get money like how do you get

money out there in Japan I'm like well funny you should ask...

So here we go I got $20 and I need to get Yen nobody here except on base

accept dollars and I live off base so what do you do? Usually the rates on base

I find are lower so I go off base to find the rate that I like it is when I

say lower it's maybe just like a quarter or seventy-five cents lower

but I'm cheap so I want to make sure that I get the best value for my

American dollar.. Dance monkey dance and apparently we have some Michigan fans