Dubai Currency Exchange Guide | Helpful Guide for Visitors | Dubai Travel - Episode#4

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or a comment. Welcome to Hipfig's Travel Guide series

on Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In this video, we'll be sharing your experiences

with currency exchange counters in Dubai. Our Dubai currency exchange guide

will help and guide you for your money exchange needs. The official currency in

Dubai is the UAE Dirhan abbreviated dhs or AED. The dirham rate is aligned and

fixed with the US dollar so the rate does not fluctuate or change if you're

changing USD. The exchange rate will be almost the same wherever you go, however

be aware that they (currency exchange counters) may charge different service fees. To change money in Dubai

was very simple and very accessible. Currency exchange counters are available

everywhere in Dubai like the airport, malls, major metro stations, and hotels.

At the Dubai Airport, there's a whole section for currency exchange in their

Arrival Hall. There are at least a handful of currency exchange counters and banks.

We even found a currency exchange counter at Al Rigga Metro station. You

can find the best rates at private currency exchange counters in Dubai like

Al Ansari Exchange, UAE Exchange, Al Ghurair Exchange, and Al Fardan Exchange. At any

of Dubai's malls like Dubai mall, Mall of Emirates, and City Centre Deidre there's a

whole section for banks and currency exchange counters. If you go to any of the big

malls, look around for the best rates and service fees. Any mall you enter in Dubai will have

at least one currency exchange counter or bank usually located on the bottom