Tips on Exchanging Your Money in BALI

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good afternoon from Bali here in summing

up in today's episode we're actually

gonna be talking about how you guys has

a first time traveler here with real

money here in Bali or even exchanged

some money as well because we know some

time when you're coming down here you

either have travel cards or a foreign

cash right so where's the best place

where you don't get ripped off that's

what we're gonna explode today okay

so firstly at the airport the exchange

rate probably is not competitive enough

so you don't want to exchange the

airport if you can if you can help it

really you want to exchange it obviously

inside bali itself

tsamina akuto wherever you're staying

there's gonna be plenty of the places

i'm about to tell you okay let's first

talk about ATM bali has an abundance of

ATM but as a foreign traveler you'll

find that most don't accept foreign

cards and this can be a frustrating

quest to find the ATM that does so as we

have experiments on our ocean debit card

ourselves we have found the answer for

you that you see on bean yoga does

accept a card so our ATM recommendations

here in bali is most definitely CIMB

Niaga or citibank ATM if you see one in

bali now let's talk about foreign

exchange you have your foreign currency

which is like aud/usd canadian dollars

and now you basically want to exchange

to indonesian rupiah so what's the best

place to exchange your money let me show


qatar money exchange

a BMC and WA Hana

all these places are our recommend a

place to exchange your money here in

Bali they got chain stores all over the

island and they offer a competitive

market rate without the hidden fees so

you can be sure that you are getting

what your money's worth and you can

easily find all their locations online

so as a local my top three place to

exchange money is those three I just

mentioned earlier it's trustworthy and

even the exchange rate is very

competitive to the market will not want

to one but close enough right now one

thing you got a note you might be

tempted when you're walking down kuta

beach you know by the small Lu ways

there are other smaller exchange that's

offering you slightly above the market

rate so you'll be thinking to yourself

like hang on that is a really good deal

but hey who's gonna give you money more

than the exchange rate right sometimes

there's stories where they'll tell you

that your money's the counterfeit money

you know it's not real so they have to

take it away from you so just be careful

because that happened to my

sister-in-law and I don't know why I

have to happen to you guys especially if

you guys are coming down to Bali for the

first time so just be careful if you go

to those places that I just mentioned

those are legit honest places and I tell

you you'll be sleeping peacefully

tonight all right