Tutorial - Easy Way to Swap Other Coins for Monero

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thank you to my sponsor cake wallet

where you can store send receive and

exchange your Manero safely on your iOS

and Android devices

so recently on my channel I've been

doing some more interviews with

different people about privacy coins and

have been getting some questions about

some of the easiest ways for people to

get their hands on Manero and so I

thought I would share my screen and just

show you how I use kake wallet to swap

between other crypto currencies into XMR

okay so I'm here in kake wallet and if I

want to swap out some Bitcoin to buy

Manero what I would do is just go ahead

and click the exchange button right in

the middle at the bottom and it

automatically defaults to XMR at the top

but I'm just going to go ahead and

change that to BTC and then I would be