Easiest Way To Get Bells and MEOW Coupons On Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo.

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well here are the things you need first

off well the game it needs to be you

need to make sure that it's welcoming


if this isn't welcome amiibo then it

won't work

next you need an amiibo I recommend not

using it Animal Crossing amiibo because

the strategy were using if you use an

Animal Crossing amiibo then you're gonna

have to talk to the person in your town

that has that amiibo that what is that

amiibo so I recommend using amiibo

that's not Animal Crossing amiibo

otherwise it will take way longer okay

so first the next thing thing you need

well you also need 30s but anyways you

need sorry that I don't have the special

equipment to make this video better I'm

just starting so first thing you'll need

is the amiibo lamp thing the magic lamp