Adventure capitalist glitch *unlimited money mega bucks and tickets*

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hello guys always one here today I'll be

showing you guys a venture capitalist

glitch or for short ad cat I would also

like to wish everybody a happy Halloween

watch out for clowns so they're here

they're not very nice that's what I hear

apparently now they're there where I

live so they're in Tennessee now we like

to look out for clowns come on why isn't

this now I just try this question does

work you don't have to put it on

airplane mode you can if you want to but

you don't have to so the first thing for

this glitch you just need to go to your

settings and you can put it forward how

much I want you however much you would

like now this glitch will get you and

them to money and you can get you can do

great really quickly so Oh No

nope mmm come on micron go back done

just right and I see it's June 10th 2017