AdVenture Capitalist MEGABUCKS MEGATICKETS Walkthrough Gameplay - iOS and PC

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what's up everybody welcome back to

adventure capitalist this is schism we

finally have the megabucks

update everybody we finally got it so

there's been an update that came out on

Steam probably for iOS and everything

else to it does two things that I have

found it makes everything look real

pretty you got these little meters up

here showing you what you got these are

your gold bars which you can actually

buy from the team from the dev team you

get your mega bucks and then your mega

tickets which we'll look at just a

second take a look at this

the adventurers area you can launch it

first of all it looks beautiful now they

got three different areas mission

control currency exchange and make a

boost is lower going on second but they

got moon and they got Mars officially