How To Sell Bitcoin and Buy Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and more! | My Favorite Crypto Exchanges!

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hey what's going on everybody in this

video we're gonna be talking about

Bitcoin exchanges and how you can

exchange your Bitcoin in your litecoin

or maybe even your aetherium for another

coin something maybe you've heard about

around the water cooler there

everybody's talking about the next big

thing well this is gonna be very

reminiscent of the dot-com boom there's

gonna be some winners there's gonna be

some losers but in this video we're not

talking about that we're talking about

how you can actually go ahead and buy

those coins in hopes that one day they

may be blow up and do a Bitcoin did so

hopefully by now you've already signed

up for a coin base account you've

already got your Bitcoin you ready

you're ready in the game you've already

made your purchase if you haven't I made

a video showing you how to get started

how to get all set up check the link

down below if you sign up using my link

you're gonna get $10 for free and

Bitcoin but if you don't no big deal and

a harm no foul so in this video we're

gonna be talking about which exchanges

you can go to some of my favorite

exchanges and which coins you should be

maybe adding into your portfolio to kind

of diversify your cryptocurrency stack

we're gonna talk about all that and more

coming up in this video right now

alright everybody so right now we're

looking at cex and this is one of the

oldest and one of my most favorite

trusted exchanges when I mined Bitcoin

this is one of the pools that I used to

kind of bring my money in this is

definitely one of the first exchanges

that I used I'm pretty sure they were

one of the early exchanges that were

around they actually used to have a chat

room along the side and and there wasn't

very many people trading back then but

cex is old their tried and true and you

can use them in the u.s. you can also

use them over in Europe so that's a big

plus those of you that are outside of

the US Canada as well I believe you can

use cex but I know Europe you guys can

definitely use it here some of the

reasons why I like cex besides the fact

that they've never been hacked they are

old they're well trusted all that sort

of stuff you can buy more than just

Bitcoin aetherium you cannot buy a light

coin here they've recently removed that

from the exchange but I expect with

recent surges and popularity we'll see

it come back soon that's one of the

things that does stand out about cex

they're very particular about which

coins they allow people to trade which

means they do their research they do

what they can to prevent their customers

from getting robbed right so let's look

at some of the coins that you can buy an


at cex you've got Bitcoin aetherium

Bitcoin cash Bitcoin gold you've got -

you've got rippled you've got ze C and

then GHS GHS we're not gonna talk about

that that's you can't even buy that


that's from way back in the day when

they did have a mining pool here they

used to offer cloud services cloud

mining and that was what you would buy

it and so we're not gonna worry about

that but for right now there's a nice

handful of coins that you can buy so

most exchanges are all gonna show you

the same thing you're gonna have your

Candlestick charting here then we'll

scroll down you're gonna have your buy

and sell order logs here where you can

actually put in what you want to buy it

what you want to sell it for the

different types of ways that you can buy

and sell then you've got your sell an

order book this is basically everybody

that wants to sell it and what they want

to sell it for everybody that wants to

buy it and what they want to buy it for

and then below this you'll have your

trade history and the actual trade

history on the exchange you'll be able

to see if you have any pending orders

something like that that's maybe on the

books but for right now we're gonna just

gonna take a look at the different types

of exchanges we're not gonna dive into

how to actually trade I just want to get

you guys familiar with what they all

look like and they are gonna look a

little bit different so cex probably my

number one favor because of the coins

that they offer and the security that

comes with it definitely one of my

favorites there and the added ability to

do arbitration between coinbase and cex

that's one of the things that I

definitely like because oftentimes

there's a difference between what

Bitcoin costs here versus over at coin

base so now let's take a look at the

coin base exchange that's called G Dax

and we're taking a look at light coin

specifically here today so same thing

you're gonna have your Candlestick

charts you're gonna have your open

orders down below and then your order

book with what's going on and then you

can buy and sell now in terms of look

and feel and which ones I feel more

comfortable with I like the way that G

tax feels and looks and I like the way

that you can navigate here it's very

comfortable what I don't like about G

decks though unfortunately is that it's

tied to coinbase well I love coin base

and everything don't get me wrong I just

feel like they go down quite a bit

something that cex does not do G Dax is

down quite a bit especially during high

times of high volume which is when you

most want to be trading because that's

when you can make your most money and

also save yourself from losing the most

money so coin base and GX constantly

going down worries me

mostly because too

I don't think it's completely tied to

volume I don't think it's completely

tied to that they've already said that

they've been attempted to be hacked

multiple times and I think that that's

playing a big role in it so knowing that

hackers are getting to the point now

where they're shutting down G DAC

servers and shutting down coinbase

servers that worries me that they may

take it a step further and do and

succeed with what you're actually trying

to do is is steal our money

so this is G Dax here and they don't

allow as many coins as cex so that's a


you can only currently trade Bitcoin

ether and litecoin they did mention in

January 2018 you will be allowed to

trade Bitcoin cash so that's a nice

bonus but again not nearly as many as

over here at CES you can see Bitcoin

etherium between cash pickle go there

lots of coins lots of options and

they're changing their changing often

they're adding more often and then if a

coin just doesn't perform well or maybe

there's some security issues with it

they'll pull it out of it and I don't

know honestly why they've removed light

coin I think they said it had something

to do with lack of interest but that was

before all this hype now so there's a

possibility that it comes back because

they only just removed light coin

all right so I've showed you cex here

and I've also showed you G Dax those are

your two main big ones that you're gonna

want to use whether you're in the US or

in over and you're up there but there's

another company called bit treks and

we're gonna take a look here bit wrecks

is where you can also trade a whole slew

of different kinds of alt coins and

we'll look down the short list here this

is just a very short list of some of the

coins that you can buy some things

you've never heard of some things you'll

never hear of 95% of these coins here

are gonna disappear within the next year

even maybe five years whatever

most of these coins here are not gonna

turn into anything that doesn't mean

that you can't make money in the short

term a lot of people will buy these

coins when they're worth less than a


and then when they become worth a dollar

they offload tons of them and it's

essentially just like the penny stocks

if you've ever seen the movie the wolf

of Wall Street it's very similar to that

unless you know how to read these charts

you're in the know you've got lots of

money deep pockets I don't recommend

really investing too much money into any

of these all coins it's definitely fun

to play with them think of them like

your lottery tickets something might

blow up and make you lots of money but

the majority of them won't

so don't get too heavily invested in

these all coins unless you know

something like I said stick with the

ones that are tried-and-true bitcoin

stick with the ones that we everybody

knows about you know aetherium

like coin things like that those are the

ones that you're gonna want to purchase

so one of the all coins that you guys

can buy here at cex is ripple and

everybody's been talking about wanting

to buy it you can see right now US

Dollars it's under $1 a coin it's about

80 cents a coin and when this coin first

came out on cex exchange it was trading

at like 43 cents a coin so it's already

doubled itself in value it went up over

$1 at one point it goes a dollar 50

so ripple definitely has some value

attached to it whether or not it's all

hype that's irrelevant but there's money

to be made here if you're looking to buy

ripple cex is one of those one of those

places that you can do that's all I got

for you guys in this video if you have

any questions about this stuff maybe you

want to see me make a video explaining

how to do something else put your

comments down below I'll do my best to

get to them I'll do my best to answer

them but that's it talk to you again

real soon

peace out everybody