How to sell Litecoin for USD

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so I want to do another trade so I'm

looking at bit tricks here and if I

expand that I seed here that there's a

light point I've got litecoin and

there's 8 trades available so if I click

that and I'm gonna sort by ROI so this

top one is a great ROI but I don't have

access to the robot so I don't want to

do that this one there's a liquidity not

present and also no robot so I come here

now and there's a 6% six and a half

percent to be made I'm either going to

exchange my litecoin four dollars on bit

tricks or exchange my light coin on live

coin for dollars and make a six and a

half percent profit so that's what I

want to do so I'm going to click on here


operation successful view the route so

just click there or of course I can

close that come up to the top here and

then come down to my roots and it says

awaiting withdrawal so I click on there

and I'll get this pop-up it says go to

the livestock point and generate a light

coin address so I'm just going to come


LTC click on view posit I get this

address copy that I can close that you

know come over to Johnny blockchain and

I'm going to put that destination

address in the bottom box so that's in

there then it says go to big tricks and

we've draw the for light coin

so I'm going to get the light coin so I

want to go to wallets and then I'm going

to find the LTC so I've got it there

click withdraw pop the address in there

put the available okay so I concede that

there's a transaction fee so I'm

actually going to end up with this much

light coin so I'm just going to copy

that bring that to Johnny blockchain I'm

going to pop that into the top box here

so that's what I'm doing I'm

transferring 3.99 litecoin so come back

over to bit tricks and click on this

button that says withdraw I've got to

put my Google Authenticator in there

withdraw so I've gotta wait for a

minimum of two minutes I caught that

tick away for two minutes so I'll click

it and let's just let it start for two

minutes so as you can see the two

minutes is passing out so I'll go back

to bit tricks and I shall just get the

Google Authenticator up there with me

pop that into there and click withdraw

so now my withdraw is being processed

I'll come back over to Johnny blockchain

and I'm gonna click this button here

confirm manual trade so now Johnny

blocked chains waiting for the deposit

and in two minutes time this screen will

be ready for refreshing so I'll pause

the video so here I am on big tricks and

the withdrawal history and it looks like

everything is completed so I'm just

going to check this on the litecoin

blockchain so I've copied that and I've

taken that over to the litecoin

blockchain and here it is it's got 81

confirmation so that's great now when I

started to trade my light coin on

BitFenix I would have got 208 dollars

for it and 24 cents I tied so I'm going

to go to Johnny blockchain and you can

see in the background there that this is

waiting for me to refresh the screen so

I'm just going to click this button and

refresh the screen so that's showing me

a completely trade of 4.80

so let me go over to life coin exchange

and as you can see here I'm on the

balances and you can see that my balance

is 218 and 33 so if I copy that neon and

put that in this box the new number you

can see there's a four point eight five

percent increase and Johnny blockchain

is telling me I got four point eight so

that's just another fantastic result now

if you're interested in getting access

to trading like this you can set up a

free account with Johnny blockchain all

you need to do is come over to Johnny

blockchain and you can either click on

this sign up button or click this start

a free trial and you'll get this pop up

obviously you'll put your name your

email address create a password and then

from this drop down menu choose a

starter account which is a 14 day full

access and we'll give you five

trading credits as well so happy try did

create yourself a free account and I'll

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