How to cash out Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum

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hello my William Friedman Knights what's

going on guys a lot of you been asking

about how can you cash out your Bitcoin

or your a theory him or whatever it is

you know whatever it is that you're

cashing out here's how you do it

basically you when you get this when you

get the coin base account or whatever I

have an ethereal wallet of my own I'm

going to be introducing that once I add

some other things to the wallet I'll be

introducing you guys to my new wallet

it's already up but I'll give you guys

the address once it's properly

established um what you want to do here

is you want to come to sell okay

of course you go here to buy or whatever

but you want to come here to sell and

what you do is you just basically choose

your wallet you put your information in

here about I guess Oh scuse me you add

your dollar amount here on how much

money you want to withdraw and then you

can go here and you can choose PayPal

now that's a great thing that's a really

really really good thing you can come

down here and choose PayPal all right so

when you choose PayPal the money comes

really fast I thought I was gonna have

to wait a little while for the money to

get there but shockingly the money came

extremely I mean may have been

interested I'm not even sure but it came

extremely fast and that's it that's all

you do this would you you can you buy

you can buy and leave your stuff now let

me tell you something I told you guys

before don't put all of your money and

one wallet I have several wallets that I

have money and have money in several

different wallets you never know what's

going to happen maybe this is you know

that the whole system makes shutdown to

do to or some type of natural disaster

you know you never know so you don't

want to have you all your money trapped

up in here and and just going but I put

a put a good amount I put them I got

about a you know about a grand in here

you know and but nothing more than that

so you definitely want to in different

Wireless of course you will you got your

theory and wallet you got your Bitcoin

wallet and you got your you have your

what is to call again the light light

coin wallet so you just remember you

know just put a little bit of money in

here then you want to use blockchain IO

not blockchain calm those people are

scammers in my opinion and that

scammers but they have a problem with

their system and I basically got money

jammed up in that system till today so

don't use blockchain comm use blockchain

I oh it's a great company I got some I

got some other money and bit big bag Pro

I have some money on owning some

exchanges some some some of the money

it's taught some of these uh coin crypto

coin exchanges actually have money on

you know you can save your money on them

it's not wise to save you leave your

money on in exchange too long but you

know just you know until it until you

get a while it'll find a wallet for it

or whatever so I got some download

wallets I got a ripple wallet so you

know just make sure you've got the money

spread out okay and that's all I just

want you guys to know that this thing

cashes out instantly or whatever you can

send it to your bank account

or you can send it back to your debit

card I believe no you can just send it

back to your bank account or PayPal so

just put your mount in here or whatever

it is that you're going to be cashing

out change whatever it is that you're

going to be cashing out from here and

you can repeat the process if you want

to just leave it like it is and then

select an instant payment and that's it

you cash the money out so that you can

cash your money out a Bitcoin and now if

you have Bitcoin boy theorem or litecoin

on another platform and you have no idea

how to cash it out from that platform or

they're charging too much you can

definitely send it to your address go to

go to your accounts right here and

they'll show your addresses and all your

addresses to all your accounts and then

you can send it over here and then you

can cash it out from a bit from our coin


I hope that information has been helpful

to you guys if you guys want to create a

coin base account because you do not

have one it's a free account for you to

create I'm going to leave you a link in

the description or leave if you if

you're looking at the video you can ask

me for the link or whatever and I'll

send you my link you should join unto me

or whatever because it helps out and

I'll send you my referral link to to a

coin base now um that's it it's a it's a

good it's a good company it's a good

company we had our ups and downs but you

know this is one of the best here

because of the the low fees and

everything so you

we want to use this talk to you guys

soon I'll see you on the other side of

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you guys soon enjoy your weekend