How to sell Litecoin for USD

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so I want to do another trade so I'm

looking at bit tricks here and if I

expand that I seed here that there's a

light point I've got litecoin and

there's 8 trades available so if I click

that and I'm gonna sort by ROI so this

top one is a great ROI but I don't have

access to the robot so I don't want to

do that this one there's a liquidity not

present and also no robot so I come here

now and there's a 6% six and a half

percent to be made I'm either going to

exchange my litecoin four dollars on bit

tricks or exchange my light coin on live

coin for dollars and make a six and a

half percent profit so that's what I

want to do so I'm going to click on here


operation successful view the route so

just click there or of course I can

close that come up to the top here and