How to UPGRADE Your Laptop with a SSD! #AD | The Tech Chap

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hey guys I'm telling tech Japan if you

have an old or cheap or slightly

sluggish laptop that's seen better days

then you may want one of these little

guys a solid-state drive or SSD now I

know it's 20/20 and people have been

upgrading their laptops with SSDs for

donkey's years now but I still genuinely

think it's the best and most

cost-effective way of upgrading an old

laptop and giving it a new lease of life

so when Samsung go in touch and asked if

I want to make a video all about

upgrading a slow old laptop with their

Samsung 860 Evo SSD I jump to the chance

so why now well SSDs are cheaper and

better than ever and installing one is

pretty simple as well this is meant as a

bit of a beginner's guide and I'll cover

the basics of buying the right SSD for

you how to move all your files to the