Korean Money Explained | Easiest Way To Convert Won Into Dollars

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Oh tamper back Juanita don't let that be

you in this video I will simplify Korean

money for you as best I can

I will go over the money bills that

you'll commonly see hopefully at the end

of this video you'll be able to easily

reach into your wallet and grab those

bills that you need to pay for all the

things you want to buy here in Korea

when you land in Korea and you convert

your money at the airport you will feel

like a millionaire because there will be

so many more zeros than what you're used

to but don't let those zeros don't you

because it is actually simpler than you

might think the easiest way to convert

one into dollars is to simply erase the

last three zeros in other words if

you're writing it out replace the comma

with a period and then you have the

value approximately in dollars for

example Thanh one-ton Hwan is

approximately $1 same with the old jean

one you basically have five dollars man

won 10,000 won again erase those last

three zeros or change the comma into a

period and you have ten dollars real

simple right so I won't go much more

into that

luckily Korean money is also color coded

so if you just don't want to think about

numbers because numbers make your head

hurt then simply go by color first one

is Thanh one 1001 approximately equal to

one dollar the blue bill one step up

would be Ultron one 5000 won

approximately equal to five dollars

the brownbill one step up from that is

10,000 won approximately equal to ten

dollars and the one I personally use the

most the green bill in the last 150

thousand one which I do not have on

Hansel insert an image here the red fill

approximately equal to fifty dollars now

for the hardest part memorizing what

these bills are called let's just try

our best so the first word I want to

teach is Tong Tong means thousand and

you'll hear ton 1000 which is Tong one

and five thousand which is a ton one the

next word is man mun means basically

four zeros or ten thousand so man one is

ten thousand one and Oman you guessed it

is 50,000 won okay so I hope I made

everything clear and simple for you but

just one last time let's do another quiz

to review everything okay start with the

easiest if I want thought on one how

much should you give me saw is for sight

on one if you said four of these blue

bills you are correct

if you're into Street food you need to

keep these on hand chicken skewers look

bulky rice cakes fish bread usually cost

around two thousand one so make sure you

have these blue pills on hand if you are

into street food next you ton one you is

six you tongue one

if you answered one Brown and one blue

or 6,001 you are correct at the street

vendors you can actually get one whole

chicken fried traditional style for 6000

won next question I want Matt or Chung

one man or Tom one what bills should you

give me if you said one of the brown and

one of the green that would be the

correct answer

if you love to shop for clothes like me

and you love to shop cheap then you got

a head underground to the underground

shopping malls where often you'll find

sales of clothing for only man one ten

dollars or month or tum one fifteen

dollars last question how much is Iman

1e is to eat month one if you answered

two of these green bills you are correct

all right so hopefully that didn't hurt

your head too much now again to review

to convert into dollars from one simply

erase the last three zeros or replace

that comma with period and you have

dollars the quickest way to find the

bills you need is to go by their color

so again blue is the cheapest one 1000

Green is a ten thousand revenues looking

one is five thousand and the other

brownish reddish looking one is a fifty

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