JustFab Review 2020 - sharing my experience + how to return/exchange

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hi everyone welcome to my channel my

name is Naveen I live in Los Angeles and

today I wanna share with you my

experience ordering from JustFab


JustFab is a fashion company that offers

shoes clothing bags and accessories it

is my first time ordering from JustFab

as portfolio branch includes JustFab

ShoeDazzle fabletics and fab kids i

placed the order may 7 sit with Thursday

and on may 12 on Tuesday I got

my order was shipped by FedEx I checked

tracking number for a few days but there

were no information about estimated

delivery date because they were was not

picked up yes in the email with tracking

numbers identifier please wait two or

three days for your tracking information

to update on the website they say that

one ship the order will arrive within

four seven business days or two three

days if you choose guaranteed express

shipping it took me 11 business days to

receive my package I understand that

because of the virus there are a lot of

delivery's right now so I didn't expect

it to come superfast




I think they're super super cute and

that was one of the reasons why ordered

them because they are not usual


my size is seven and a half I ordered

these babies in size seven because I

read in the reviews that they are big so

I just wanted to size down and order

smaller size just in case and now

they're too small they don't feel

comfortable but again I understand that

they're smaller size so maybe that's the

main reason for the first time I suggest

five ads in my Instagram feed I was

scrolling down and I saw some kid shoes

I went to their page and I also saw

these ones that I decided to order

because I literally fell in love with

them for me it was kind of scary to

order from JustFab because I read a lot

of bad reviews about them but mainly all

of the bad reviews for about the same

issue they're charging my card and I

didn't know about it and I know why this

is happening you can order from JustFab

being a regular customer but they don't

want you to become a member when I was

going to place an order box to become

VIP member it was already checked when I

added shoes to the shopping cart for the

first time I didn't know what is say

something distracted me and I didn't

purchase at that time but when I went to

the shopping cart for the second time I

did see that that box was checked in if

I place an order that first time then I

will become a VIP member and I didn't

want to do it so you just have to be

careful and with what you're doing and

if you don't want to become a VIP member

and you want to purchase like a regular

customer just uncheck the box and you

will be able to do it but if you do want

to become JustFab member monthly fee is

thirty nine ninety five and it goes for

your member credit money charge to a

card appear on your account and you can

use them to make purchases also you have

an option to skip the months if you'd

like to and in this case your card is

not going to be charged but you have to

do it before the six of that months if

you miss a date your card will be

charged so you do have to do it before

the six of that month on the website it

also says that you can cancel your just

have membership at any time by calling

customer service unfortunately you

cannot cancel your membership just on

the website you do have

so call them in order to cancel it now

JustFab has this add that if you become

a VIP member the first pair of shoes is

only ten dollars so it sounds pretty

good but the thing is I didn't want to

become a member right away I wanted to

try them and see if I liked the company

if I like the quality so I didn't become

a member and I just ordered these shoes

like a regular customer so I had to pay

the full price in my total all together

with taxes was 6565 yeah it sounds a lot

more than ten dollars so in this case if

you are planning to order from them from

time to time you should become a member

to get better prices but if you like me

you want to just try it out and order to

see if you like the company then you can

buy like a regular customer but you do

have to pay the full price in order to

return or exchange the item login to

your JustFab account then go to your

order history and click a return or

exchange item if you order consists of

multiple items check the box near the

item that you are planning to exchange

your return and then press return or

exchange selected items now we are on

the next page and the first question is

how would you like to process this item

I'm actually not real estate is filed

with the quality of the shoes even

though it's not my size they don't

really feel comfortable so I don't think

the bigger size will fix the problem so

I will return them and at the same time

I can track if returns are easy and how

long it's gonna take them to precise

refund back to my card so I'm going to

pick return refund credit-card reason

for returning feet to small what's item

condition new then click Submit

my return expires on Wednesday June 24th

so I have to finish everything and ship

it out as soon as possible just in case

and there are 4 steps to finish your

return print return label

repack shoes they have to be in the

original box and the package must

include an accessories or extras that

may come with the item you ordered then

seal the box attach return label and

drop off the package in one of us PS

locations and on the bottom of the page

it says it's 7 days for your package to

arrive at their warehouse 48 hours to

put us back into their inventory once it

arrives instantly issue refund to your

account upon arrival and then to 10 days

for your financial institution to credit

your card back you can print your return

label from this pinch or you can print

it from the email I received an email

with the label right away so I already

followed all these steps head back my

shoes I printed the return label and now

I'm just gonna drop the package of USPS

location and wait for the refund I will

let you know in the comments below how

it went

if you order from JustFab before just

let me know how was your experience in

the comments below and if you're just

planning to order I would say just think

if you want to become a member or if you

don't want to become a member and be

careful in the checkout also I'm waiting

for a big package coming from Cheyenne I

didn't order from that website before so

it's gonna be my first time in total I

ordered 22 items clothes shoes and

accessories so it's gonna be a big

trying hole so I'm waiting for the

package to come and I'm gonna make

another video for you thanks for

watching I hope you enjoyed my video

don't forget to like it subscribe to my

channel and I will see you in the next

one don't forget big chien trying hole

is coming