JR Pass - How to GET a Japan Rail Pass (exchange of the voucher and activation)

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how to get your Japan Rail Pass when you

order your Japan Rail Pass online what

you receive is a voucher that you will

exchange in Japan at a junior agency to

get your actual Japan Rail Pass now that

you're in Japan you need to find the

nearest junior agency if you don't know

where the agency is you can check the

information sent to you by Japan Rail

Pass com

so here's our agency as a majority of

travelers you'll probably want to

exchange your junior pasta at the

airport right when you get to Japan but

depending on when you want your Japan

Rail Pass to start it might be wise to

wait and exchange it at another major

junior station this may save you some

time in line at the airport so let's

exchange our junior pass you only need

to do the following things to get your

Junior s first fill out the form so on

the form they ask you some pretty simple

questions name nationality and an

important one is first day of use this

determines the validity of your Japan

Rail Pass so I have the seven day pass

and if I start my pass on March first

it's good until March 7 again it depends

on the date you start it not the time of


well then give your form voucher and

passport to the desk work

this is what the funded us this week and

this is a Topanga

okay thank you thank you very much so

here it is your Japan Rail Pass see on

the back it's got our info and also

right here it has the validity of your


so be careful not to lose it because

they cannot be exchanged or refunded for

any reason